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Alternate communication methods (specifically Telegram and Signal) are available for mutuals if need be. DM for details. (They may not be perfectly secure but they're a damn sight more secure than fedi.)


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And here it is. v0.0.1 of the ish keyboard, all built and ready to go. Choc Silver switches, WRK Louder blank caps, and nice!nano controllers.

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"I suffered through it, so now you have to read about it" - The Verge

Also a great tagline for this account.

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📍​My (rarely updated, sadly) blog is at

My keyboard builds are at

My 3D models are at

All have their own RSS feeds, visible at, if you want to only read about _part_ of my bullshit.

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"It is simply not possible to divine whether a conscious agency or some clever simulation inhabits the room" - the summary of my memoirs

yup. need to add some new api endpoints this week. yup, I'm going to start putting them in `/cgi-bin/` because that's the :mood:​ I'm in already

who has cool nerd/geek stickers these days?

spotify-tui, you say. spotifyd too? yes please.

being hypermobile is a real pain in the joints sometimes

wait wait wait. freebsd 13 works fine on the framework laptop? Including booting off the external storage widget? Oh hell yeah.

I know we're supposed to invent transparent aluminum so we can ship space whales or something but really I just want a durable yet transparent laptop

This is ridiculous. I picked up a 140W usb-c charger for reasons. It's a wall wart, right? But apparently it's too heavy to stay in place so they provided this holder with suction cups that you slid on the charger before plugging it in.

One department was tasked with making a 140W wall charger, no other requirements. done! QA was all uuuuuhh what? but charger team was already off on their next objective and manufacturing was already underway..

my video game playing of late has been low-plot sort of shit. I haven't finished the latest Horizon. Stray is still unfinished. etc. And i know why, right? I know the ways in which my day to day is broken enough that I just can't deal with additional plot in my life. but it's still sad and I really want to get back to those games. Gotta find more brain first and I don't know when that will happen.

aaaand the prusa enclosure kits came without the add-ons I ordered. so, all the projects I wanted to do this weekend are on hold. video game weekend I guess?

thing is, I'm running out of keyboards I want to build. I'm obviously starting to design my own but that's a slow thing. Doing something more ... kinetic would require I learn a bunch of electronics shit I really should have learned already. I've got the skills to put the pieces together once I know where they go

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I think one of the bed bearings on one of my prusa mk3s is shot. sigh

Apparently 1password v8 on the mac can be an ssh agent

and yup. what this shitshow of a computering panic attack evening needed was a refreshing beverage and new episode of beavis & butthead on paramount+

Disturbed did a cover of Sting's "If I Ever Lose My Faith In You"

and there goes 20F off our temperature of the day.

Oh good. the lightning is close enough that it sounds like bombs going off, once reflected off all our houses.

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Do you have an interior monologue?

Do you have an interior monologue?

Modern Github projects always have a recently filed issue “is this project still maintained” despite a very active recent commit history.

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