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"One simple thing Crawford suggests is learning how to do stuff. Learning a craft [...] immediately puts us within particular limits and at the feet of those who have already mastered it. It requires humility, but, at the same time, builds genuine competence. It can help remediate narcissism by rebalancing our relationship to ourselves. In the process of submitting to discipline and focusing our attention on a craft, we find ourselves neither omnipotent nor helpless, but somewhere in between. We’re dependent beings with feeble bodies and minds, prone to flailing about and to failure, but also each with unique sets of resources and abilities that can be cultivated with surprising rapidity under the right conditions, and that can help us to regularly overcome quite serious obstacles. We are, in a word, crafty."

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"the groundlessness of human action doesn’t imply that human beings are or should be completely autonomous. We’re born into a particular place and time, with particular psychological and physical attributions, and with particular people and traditions available to us that we can draw on or reject. These constraints are debilitating only if we see them as such, if we consider them as fetters from which the self should ideally be free. In reality, many rules and constraints are enabling: they are the conditions of freedom, not the barriers to it. They are the friction that allow us to move forward."

_Authenticity is a Scam_ by Alexander Stern, writing for Aeon

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"I know this hasn't been a seamless narrative" is pretty much the tagline for this account.

"* ignitable fibers; it is after all a thread.

** high probability of combustion; likely to attract flaming.

*** high methane content in atmosphere, since this comment is bullshit."

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"in accordance with article 500 of the National Electric Code, this comment thread constitutes a Class III* Division 1** Group D*** hazardous area."

Who the fuck is buying all the A5 Midori MD notebooks at exactly the time I want to get some? Fuck you mystery person.

Part of me thinks that an old card catalog would be pretty ace for all my microcontroller shit

Realized a design I've been working on for a while is wrong. Placement of a large sensor will have problems over time. Of course, most of the design is based around the needs of that particular sensor so.... yeah. Frustrating

Yeah, I'll boot up the XPS13 as a server node and maybe the thinkpad too (dare I try openbsd?)

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I am not spending >$2k on a NUC but damn they're pretty

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You know. I also have a fuckton of laptops sitting on the shelf that I could press into service. Isn't that why I kept them in the first place?

`apt update` on the rockpro64 running armbian and it didn't come up after the reboot. Why do I bother with this shit? I have never had luck with SBCs doing anything remotely interesting. They are always a bundle of drama. I don't know if it's because ARM or what.

What I do know is that I have spare NUCs in the cabinet that can handle the intended use case with no drama.

Can't buy a replacement part until I lower the shields. Of course it's a trap

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Might design a new box I can 3d print to make this idea work.

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Wish I had metal cutting ability/skills because the RockPro64 NAS case will totally accommodate two boards if you're not using the space for drives. Just need access holes

Still trying to figure out shelving for the electronics bench. Oh and buying a new electronics bench now that it has multiple holes in it from clip-on lamps.

Picking up one of these ESP Ethernet with PoE boards. They're relatively big which limits their uses cases some but but but PoE!

There are not enough small boards with the WROVER chips. They're mostly the bigger boards with lots of onboard sensors and LCDs and shit. The very common WROOM boards are great but I've grown to really enjoy having 8MB of PSRAM as an intermediate cache.

Not every one of their boards is listed though and the combinations can still be a bit confusion confusing.

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Espressif is finally selling an official camera board that has micro-usb built in. Fuck those other boards with the weird usb conversion chip daughter boards.

Espressif finally published their hardware identifier key on a web page rather than buried in a PDF.

Wanna know the difference between the ESP32-S0WD and ESP32-D0WD? well, now you can.

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