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"It is simply not possible to divine whether a conscious agency or some clever simulation inhabits the room" - the summary of my memoirs

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My partner and I are almost always wearing headphones. Different music scenes, they really dig audiobooks, etc. Sometimes it hits me that this house is almost entirely silent most days. We've both got soundtracks for this place but anyone else just gets silence. It's kinda weird.

frens. tell me about awesome high-speed wifi access points that are good for a large house that are _not_ by ubiquiti. Repeat: devices that are *not* unifi kit.

moving the gaming systems to a room without a physical network connection is going to be the thing that finally gets me off my ass about finding someone to wire up the remaining rooms.

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$30 from me having to give all the backers a free ebook? :flan_think:

Y'know, if we don't break this stretch goal because you didn't back it, everyone is gonna be mad at you.

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Two days left until I get to shut up about the Kickstarter. :flan_hurrah:

Me and my bright ideas. "You've written all these books! You figured out how to become not just a better writer, but the most *you* writer possible! It would work for other people! You should share it!"

So here we are, $225 from the next stretch goal, where everybody gets an ebook of my critically acclaimed "Cash Flow for Creators" for free. I've written essays on my favorite literary techniques for it, exclusively for backers.

Truly, I have nobody to blame but myself.

Oh Borderlands. "I will find a good place for this. Such as a furnace. Or a large device that burns furnaces"

Trance music. To quote Peter Gabriel, my head sounds like this.

TIL that ello dot com is still a thing

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Three days to go! Kickstarter ends at 8AM Monday, so it doesn't count.

Learn how to build your own personalized plan to become a better writer, and keep getting better through your career.

Next stretch goal only $502 away--everyone gets a free book!

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Just to reiterate:

Free reign is a kingdom that just killed the king and hasn't reorganised its social structures yet.

Free rain is something to enjoy while it lasts before the capitalists figure out a way to charge you for the water cycle.

Free rein is when horses seize the means of production. Generally this is the one you want.


picked up take out from a plaza that has a grocery store in it. holy shit that was a bad idea. I hopefully have this car for maybe another month tops and I need to not have an accident

one PS5 thing that makes me sad is that the PS5 versions of games don’t recognize the PS4 game saves. They are functionally totally different games.

That NYT “where should you live” interactive thing doesn’t have enough filters based on what food and what quality I can get delivered at 10pm on a tuesday night.

the new cup stabilizer design I did, it turns out, accidentally holds our sippy cups just as well as my big coffee cups. This is very exciting.

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Don't look now guys but I think shit is about to go down

Turns out that if you want lots of ray-tracing crazypants stuff, gotta be an xbox series x or ps5.

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