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📍​My (rarely updated, sadly) blog is at

My keyboard builds are at

My 3D models are at

All have their own RSS feeds, visible at, if you want to only read about _part_ of my bullshit.

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"It is simply not possible to divine whether a conscious agency or some clever simulation inhabits the room" - the summary of my memoirs

grar. I can't figure out where some behavior is coming from when loading up ohmyzsh

On the hackspace desk right now, black lily58 pro with hako violet switches and white on black dsa keycaps.

I'm experimenting with adding a number row back to my life for coding

The only time my insomnia and I tolerate each other is vacation where I don't have to maintain an artificial schedule. No stress about falling asleep so late and maybe missing meetings or whatever. Chronic insomnia is not fun but it's so much easier when I can roll with it, stress free.

I don't have Cayce Pollard level of allergy to brands but I do object to being a walking advertisement for everything I buy thanks to it being it covered in branding. I long ago developed a compulsion to de-brand everything I can.

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gotta write this phrase down to use when I"m back at work. "let's try and get this done as ASAP as possible"

worst thing about choc key switches is that they very easily land fully flat with their little metal prongs sticking straight up. fucking ouch

I really explicitly don't want a list of users. I want a count.

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New social graph element requested. "[ ] Follows [] Followers [] Blocked By"

Choc switches are so cute

Sofle v1, loaded with gchoc switches

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today’s gender is tim curry eyefucking the camera as he says “dynamic tension”

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here, just east of the capital of the united fucking states, the only things I can get delivered to my house at 1AM are taco bell and mcdonalds. what's the point of living in a big city if I can't get survivable food 24/7?

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someone is reminding me that I forgot to get snacky-cakes for today, remembered too late, and now have to wait until tomorrow. I lose time when I'm on vacation and since I'm nocturnal, by the time I Remember, it's way too fucking late. So, no snacky cakes

Low profile Corne keyboard with Choc Brown switches, MBK caps, and nice!nano controllers.

Eventually, these will get a 3d print case with a battery compartment but I have to finish designing it first.

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if you're on mastodon you probably possess the sicko urge to run janky community tools yourself, so i present for your consideration: our small-scale self-hosted streaming platform:

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If you ever want free, small, rechargeable lithium cells, collect some of those disposable e cigarettes. Bonus: you keep this nasty stuff out of landfills! Tell your friends and fam not to buy these things! Terrible e-waste

also I got free chakra stones with one of them so I've got that going for me

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the divination stones are really nice for 40mm trackballs. Need to get the sensor housing designed so I can prove they'll actually function. They sit and move real well though on the transfer units.

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