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All have their own RSS feeds, visible at, if you want to only read about _part_ of my bullshit.

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"It is simply not possible to divine whether a conscious agency or some clever simulation inhabits the room" - the summary of my memoirs

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It actually works... like not terribly.

Yay community contributions!

(seriously blown away by this remix)

I also need to sit down and start figuring out kicad to build a pcb to replace the jank handwired breadboard at the heart of this.

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new top for the trackball. I'm trying to protect the sensor for outside interference a bit.

bearing situation remains ridiculous and I'm still thinking that through. I also have some bigger bearings coming than the ones recommended for the design that inspired this one.

And I'm thinking about buttons. The original inspiration has no buttons and relies on users putting mouse keys on their custom keymaps. But in playing with a similar setup, I've decided this is Not For Me. And it sounds like lots of folks who are interested in the concept also need buttons. (it makes sense. one-handed mousing is kinda what we know).

I’m going to have to build a windows box capable of running fusion360 just so I can deal with all these asshats publishing their “CAD files” only in f3d format, the least accessible format possible

I am both amused and slightly terrified at the thought of using keyboard keyswitches as mouse buttons. It would let people choose really loud clicky awful switches so their mouse clicking could be heard three blocks away. It would also let people choose nice and soft and tactile switches for their mousing needs and be easier on their fingers.

there is a _lot_ of small things wrong with this prototype but it fucking works. custom build trackball with a pro micro compatible controller (from keyboard land) running QMK with a pmw3600 infrared sensor.

I was introduced today to a new word: "actualing"

Not "actualizing". "actualing". While similar in meaning, "to take something that is possible and make it actual", this relates to another new concept to me: "to be an actual" where "an actual" is the item or event that has been made possible. "an actual" belongs to a list of "actuals" and they are created by "actualing".

This belongs to the list of strange words that bureaucracies have invented like: "an/the ask" which is functionally no different from "a/the request" but sounds more bureaucratic.

This is kind of a shitty photo but it's a calicat in Overture Matte Black PLA

It's kinda weird, though I suppose not all that surprising, that making a thing, even a stupid simple thing, lifted me out of a pretty deep funk I've been in today.

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I made a thing! It's a simple thing but I haven't completed a make in a little while.

It's a cover for the controller on a Corne keyboard, specifically one that gives me access to the reset button so I can flash the firmware more easily.

The print is in Overture Matte White PLA

I go out to thingiverse or prusaprinters or etsy or wherever to try and use an existing design or, at worst, do a minor remix. What I get is ultimately ok for that designer but has bits I don't give a shit about or could work much better. I move from "remix" to "inspired by the title of a book by...". I don't really want to design everything from scratch but this pattern has repeated enough, and is frustrating enough, that I maybe I should do everything myself.

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the problem with having design and print services on demand in my house is that I'm increasingly unable to accept the compromises in other people's designs

dammit now I'm thinking about vertical monitors again.

notice how the monitors fucking slide out of the halves and into the center. so great.

the biggest problem with the setup, for this person in particular, is the lack of modesty panel. it's basically designed so that if a bunch of these were in an office space, the only thing you can see is the legs of your almost certainly female-and-in-skirts secretarial staff.

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oh right. instacart brought ice cream. that sounds like a good plan for me right now.

Had a migraine since about 3pm. And of course now the migraine is lifting and my brain is all "where were we? Let's do all the things!" and it's actually time to be winding down for the night.

one of my favorite things about Daniel Radcliffe is that, when he was ready to say "I am no longer a child actor. Respect my adultness", he went and did Equus. Not like some adult romcom thing. Not some drama about he's an adult with an adult job and adulting sucks. No, he went full out "I'm riding around naked on a horse because I want to fuck it". All other things aside, mad props for that career decision.

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