The gas company, whose awful customer service led to hundreds losing their gas and water because no one would answer the phone, would like us to know that they've implemented "virtual hold".

"For now, it may take up to 24 to 48 hours to return your call, but you will not have to wait on hold at all."

This is the same line incidentally that one calls to report an outage or line break.

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Also, all the white hair in my beard has replaced all the red hair that only ever existed in my beard and was a complete genetic mystery. There are no reds down any line of the family and my parentage is not in doubt. It’s possible that the hard-core skin treatment stuff I had foist upon me as a teen caused it. It caused me to start going bald at 16 after all. But it’s a mystery. Well, was I guess it’s gone now.

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As I get older, the texture of my beard is changing and it’s driving me nuts. It’s all the damned stark white hair. It’s a totally different shape and texture and lays differently. I’m sure I’d have the same complaint about other head hair if I still had any. But as it is, decades of hair care has to be redesigned.

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Who here sells stickers? I need stickers to put on my sketchbooks! Preferably something nature-themed and colorful like plants, insects, birds etc.

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Given enough time, all those Rise Against songs become about you and there's nothing any of us can do about it.

I apparently am having a lot of fun playing with beavers in Timberborn. It's early access on Steam but is perfectly functional. If games like Surviving Mars and Frostpunk are your thing, playing with beavers might be too.

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I’m not going to show you a picture yet because this space is a fucking disaster. But, the hackspace now contains a 4k TV and my gaming bits. Good sound will come in a day or so after I dredge up some cables.

Actually, my partner is pondering bedtime so I'll play with beavers in Timberborn

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And now on to the awful part. I'm moving about half the contents of the hackspace into the new room. It's over the bedroom so it gets the day-job area and all the bookshelves and cabinets and storage stuff.

Eventually, that room will get any "sits on a shelf" sort of computers that won't make noise that can transmit through the floor. Have to run some network cable for that first.

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The new segment of the hackspace. Such a pretty floor


The contractors putting in our new floor got mcdonalds for lunch. big macs, to be specific. they smell so damn good. I haven't had mcdonalds in over three years.

oooooo that’s what’s going on. the prusa mini has a _huge_ heat creep problem

If you ordered an iPhone 13 of any variety and would like a case for it on the day it arrives, the apple stores are hiding iphone 13 cases in the back. if you order the case from the website or Apple Store app, and pick it up in the store, you can get an iphone 13 case today.

I’m up above 70 wpm on the reviung. Forcing myself to use it at work has paid off.

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