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"I know this hasn't been a seamless narrative" is pretty much the tagline for this account.

With the new enclosure, I'm successfully printing in PC blend with no skirts. Thanks to Magigoo and the lack of drafts, prints are sticking just fine to the plate. Very very nice.

:flan_headphones:​ when you want to be with me, then we'll see who's fucking with my head :flan_headphones:

Sigh. Restarted the wifi AP. Half the rpis didn't come back online. This happens every time and it's different rpis. :flan_eyeroll:

oh fuck you ubiquiti. fuck the entire couch you rode in on and the person who sold it to you.

TV shows are hereby banned from any story line that resembles "the whole team gets reassigned to other teams because of POLITICS and works quietly in the background to do their old jobs anyway"

The Pi Foundation has never been about Open Source. They've leveraged it to further their own ends but they are not an open hardware company and they give no shits about it. If you want open hardware, there is plenty of other kit to buy.

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Ok. Let's be really clear here. The Pi Pico is NOT open source. Let's quote Adafruit:

"The internal design of the RP2040 microcontroller itself is not open-source."

Reading through the Adafruit description of the Pi Pico board, all I can say is DO NOT WANT

I wish I still had the doohickey that laminated index card sized stuff. It'd be pretty spiffy to print out the pinouts of all the boards I have and keep them around on durable cards.

Moving shit around in the hackspace to build out this station. I guess it's a finishing station?


So, it turns out that for the last four years, melania has chosen, for state dinners and the like, to use china chosen by Hillary Clinton when Bill was president. That feels like a deliberate statement.

I really need to figure out a better camera system for my 3d printers so I can get rid of all these goddamn rpis. I've had significant stability problems with USB cams on armbian. It seems to be tied to the fact that the cams are on all the time and eventually crash out.

My take on the Pi Pico is "what stupid fucking power issues is _this_ rpi board going to have?" I don't trust the rpi foundation to make basic calculators.

I have come to believe in the power of "limited series" tv shows or the 10 episode season. A limited amount of time gives screenwriters the clarity of focus to not crawl up their own ass with internal intrigue or coworkers falling in love or other stupid tangential shit. So many older shows pad out their need for 20+ episodes a year with the weirdest side crap.

it has been a long fucking time since I played Burnout: Paradise. I'm rusty as hell


God. The chinese sanctions on former uspol officials is fucking hilarious. The whole list can be summarized as "these are people we hated dealing with these last four years and never want to fucking see again"

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Also look at this picture. Would you fuck with this person? I certainly wouldn't.

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Avirl Haines is my favorite cabinet member thus far. Let's tick off the reasons:

- Attended a judo academy in Japan, earning a brown belt

- Studied theoretical physics at U of Chicago

- Rebuilt her own plane, attempted to fly it across the Atlantic Ocean, crashlanded in Newfoundland, later married her copilot

- Owned a bookstore in Baltimore in the 90s that featured erotica nights

- Graduated from Georgetown Law in 2001

- Reportedly still loves rebuilding cars

- She's got the black-on-black fashion shit on lock

As someone who spent nearly a decade in video and live streaming video, I just laughed my ass off at

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