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"I know this hasn't been a seamless narrative" is pretty much the tagline for this account.

given that you can zoom down and see all the little people running around in their lives, I really do want to zoom down at some point to witness a colonist being chased by wolves.

yes. there's something wrong with me. no, the meds can't fix it.

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in Surviving Mars, once you finish terraforming Mars, and all the domes open up with no real walls, the game should introduce wolves into any forest you build.

if I start leaving the house a lot, apple pay on my wrist is too compelling and useful

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one of these esp32 based watches tied to a telegram bot would probably be sufficient to replace my apple watch now that I'm not leaving the house much.

I should really make a playlist called "Well, this deploy escalated quickly"

covid, music 

In the age of pandemics, I am of the opinion that music should be mixed more intimately, so it feels like the band is rocking out in my living room.

Wall of sound and big stadium sound has its place but more and more it just kinda makes me sad because it's not like gigs at packed stadiums are a thing anymore.

dear instacart: I put a time frame on the delivery window because I am busy otherwise. This is not your signal to let shoppers start at any point during the day and deliver it randomly.

I can tell that playing Surviving Mars on regular mode would drive me batty with grinding. I am very glad it has creative mode.

there's a non-zero chance of me moving back to a macbook as my daily driver this year, specifically if they go through the redesign that's rumored that will bring back magsafe.

I'm staring to ponder if this is the year my getting-older eyes will demand a larger-than-13" laptop.

I... I lack the entirety of the Rage Against The Machine discography in FLAC. What the hell?

Played a _lot_ of Surviving Mars this weekend, in creative mode

whoo boy when you actually use th GPU on this laptop it heats up fast. And who the fuck, in a year that starts with 2, though that putting the vent fans on the bottom of the laptop was still a good idea?

If you lack a bench power supply but still want to work with different voltages (and are cool with a barrel plug), this adjustable power supply from adafruit looks pretty swanky.

wait. have they said whether they also sent docker to mars? I bet they did

I hate date/time parsing in Go. It is the single worst feature in this language.

(I will not be taking questions or defending this point. Dropping into my mentions to discuss other ways that go is awful, in your opinion, will earn a block.)

I hate the amazon prime video interface so much that I sometimes ponder re-buying content on a platform whose UI doesn't make me violent.

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