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This won't stop randos, because rando reply-people don't check profiles, but let me be clear just in case. If you don't know me, don't data dump on me. I'm happy you're excited about whatever it is but check in with me first to make sure it's appropriate for the conversation and that I'm willing to deep-dive with you.

Also, my toots are not thesis and will not contain the full research or bibliography for my remarks. If that's something you need, block me now and save us all the drama.

Further, having mutuals in common does not create a relationship or understanding between us.

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This is my week. It's most of my weeks, honestly, but particularly this one.

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"One simple thing Crawford suggests is learning how to do stuff. Learning a craft [...] immediately puts us within particular limits and at the feet of those who have already mastered it. It requires humility, but, at the same time, builds genuine competence. It can help remediate narcissism by rebalancing our relationship to ourselves. In the process of submitting to discipline and focusing our attention on a craft, we find ourselves neither omnipotent nor helpless, but somewhere in between. We’re dependent beings with feeble bodies and minds, prone to flailing about and to failure, but also each with unique sets of resources and abilities that can be cultivated with surprising rapidity under the right conditions, and that can help us to regularly overcome quite serious obstacles. We are, in a word, crafty."

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"the groundlessness of human action doesn’t imply that human beings are or should be completely autonomous. We’re born into a particular place and time, with particular psychological and physical attributions, and with particular people and traditions available to us that we can draw on or reject. These constraints are debilitating only if we see them as such, if we consider them as fetters from which the self should ideally be free. In reality, many rules and constraints are enabling: they are the conditions of freedom, not the barriers to it. They are the friction that allow us to move forward."

_Authenticity is a Scam_ by Alexander Stern, writing for Aeon

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"I know this hasn't been a seamless narrative" is pretty much the tagline for this account.

Wanted to get the gherkin post done tonight. Totally not going to happen

The WTF60 keyboard.

Keep looking. Eventually you'll see it. Stop looking for the rabbit and go for the duck. See it?

(I do wonder if there is some neuro-atypicalness for which this keyboard would be awesome)

This keyboard features, in its default keymap, 2u keys for toggling between qwerty and dvorak at runtime.

Needless to say, they only sell this keyboard to monsters.

This is such a cool idea.

Macropad with encoder and e-ink display. Keymap and display is driven over usb serial console from the host computer.

Too many goddamn keyboard PCBs are unobtanium or super expensive because they're single order custom.

I'm going to write up build notes on gherkin I think because the other "instructions" I found are kinda garbage.

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chip shortage bullshit is destroying my board options though

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I was going to wire this up to an esp32 over a uart to be a huge internet-connected macro pad. But there's sooo much room in this case that I'm also tempted to turn it into a teensy cyberdeck. 40% keyboards aren't really my thing for regular typing but it might be worth it for a teensy cyberdeck.

Put something like an rpi0 (but not an rpi0) under there with a battery. pop an angled display out the top. :flan_think:

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All done.

PB Gherkin (kit from KeyHive), mill maxed, elite-c mcu, populated with hako trues.

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Finally ordered the new work table for the hack space. Holy fuck I need to clean up so much shit to move stuff off the current tables. It's gonna be good but so much work

Having spent a day soldering with the pinecil, I can say it passes the sungo test. idle mode is fucking great. since I put it on a laptop-grade usb-c power brick, it heats up in about 10s

Lessons learned:

- mill max is easier than I expected

- For three pin switches, maybe only mill max on plate-mounted boards. They're too unstable.

- Pay more attention to the pin-out silk screen to avoid soldering the MCU pins fucking upside down

- SA and MT3 keycaps look fucking huge on boards where the full switch is exposed (they _are_ fucking huge of course)

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All done. Navi10 macropad with flat ortho keys and Hako Clear switches

I just keep thinking about the court room where one person tried to get out of their part of a mortgage by claiming the document obviously doesn't apply to them because they are not a 'he'.

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Funny thing from the refi today. Buried on like page 6 of a 15 page document, there was a clause about pronouns. It basically read "when we say 'he' or 'him', these should be read as gender-neutral pronouns and not indicating a specific party. if your personal pronouns are not 'he' or 'him', this document still applies to you."

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