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Alternate communication methods (specifically Telegram and Signal) are available for mutuals if need be. DM for details. (They may not be perfectly secure but they're a damn sight more secure than fedi.)


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And here it is. v0.0.1 of the ish keyboard, all built and ready to go. Choc Silver switches, WRK Louder blank caps, and nice!nano controllers.

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"I suffered through it, so now you have to read about it" - The Verge

Also a great tagline for this account.

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📍​My (rarely updated, sadly) blog is at

My keyboard builds are at

My 3D models are at

All have their own RSS feeds, visible at, if you want to only read about _part_ of my bullshit.

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"It is simply not possible to divine whether a conscious agency or some clever simulation inhabits the room" - the summary of my memoirs

Should I be playing Dead Space this close to bed time when I've an early-for-me meeting? Probably not. Doing it anyway though.

The washington post would like us to know that public unencrypted wifi is safe for everyone to use now and is no longer a security threat.

Time to add another "news" site to the block list...

same with the pc building simulator. I could use the lawn mower simulation people tbh

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there appears to be a simulator game on steam that simulates the fun of packing up your apartment and moving.

Sorry, I am usually very concerned about yucking someone's yum but if that's fun for you, I know some people irl that could use your assistance.

yay steam deck and docked into my gaming tv and ps4 controller

mu + mutt is so nice. I have a shell alias that takes a search string, feeds it to mu, which populates a maildir with symlinks to the messages that mu found. Super fast and very easy to use.

oh and it used zram for it. which is perfectly fine on its own but not great for hibernate. oh well. suspend to ram Just Works and that's good enough for my use case

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damn you archinstall. it didn't set up enough swap space by default to handle hibernate. pretty much the only thing it screwed up though

holy shitballs I have fingerprint auth working on the framework laptop on linux.

ssh laptop 'tar cf - ~/' | pv -p --timer --rate --bytes | tar --extract --verbose --strip-components=2 -C ~/ > /tmp/tar.log

aw yeaah

"he got too good too fast and he seems too chill. Thus, he must be cheating" Riiiiiight.

tbh, I barely know what to do with all these pixels on my daily driver laptop

Holy damn the fan is loud on the framework when it really gets going

might be time to talk to a doctor about this knee

ok. so. spent a few hours now with the gen 12 framework laptop running archlinux.

apart from one issue where I loaded the wrong xorg driver and it liked to lock the box, this has been great. everything seems to Just Work. screen is gorgeous. keyboard works ok for me (it's no corne but what is). the fingerprint reader even works. trackpad is great.

there's a little quirk with the battery where it says "totes charged oh wait you're discharging" and the amount of discharge shrinks over time until it says "totes charged nevermind" after 10m or so. It's a known problem that doesn't actually affect anything.

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Internet: "The network allows for various kinds of protocols that y-"

Developers: "There is only HTTP"

HTTP: "You can formulate all kind of requests using GET, POST, PUT, DELE-"

Developers: "There is only POST"


(restic is really busy dealing with all the music collection changes I've made tonight)

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oh right. I had this xps locked into powersave mode because it gets so hot at full speed that I kinda worry the plastic shell will melt. Also because it radiates that heat up through the thin plastic keys.

buying CDs in 2022 because fuck you.

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