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"I know this hasn't been a seamless narrative" is pretty much the tagline for this account.

There has to be a limited number of things in this castle that he can drink, sleep under, or attempt to have sex with.

:flan_hurrah:​ my nespresso dispenser remix model is finally right

I need a new TV/Movie rating for who much of the content is people bickering with each other and sniping at each other. I came to be entertained, not flash back to thanksgiving with my blood family, tyvm

Season 2 of Love Death and Robots arrives on May 14. :ablobcatbongo:

attention: A new Rise Against album is available for preorder, due out June

a telegram bot per node? or a single bot that talks to and controls nodes via mqtt?

The best part of graphql (sorry for breaking your sarcasm detector) is how all my web server logs are `POST /graphql`

For real, as I ponder a more differently-abled accessible bathroom reno, this walk in tub is hitting high notes. Can be a tub, a spa, just a foot massager. Has a built in setting for your wine glass. Maybe a cheese plate.

Dear Nintendo, why the fuck doesn't the Switch support bluetooth headphones yet?

Looks like this rockpro64 nas isn't going to work out. Even with a 10A supply, it's throwing write errors to one of the drives consistently. It's possible I have a bad SSD but I'm giving side eye more to the rockpro64's nas card. Might try throwing these drives in external powered enclosures to see if that clears things up.

Some vendors allow DRM free backups of purchased comics in Comixology, you say? In PDF and CBZ? Fire up the download queue!

And despite being a fan of metroidvania genre since it was, you know, Metroid and Castlevania, I've always kinda sucked at this genre.

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The new LukHash album on the other hand, that'll do.

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Oh phone. I loves me some billy joel but not when I'm playing Axiom Verge, love.

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