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"It is simply not possible to divine whether a conscious agency or some clever simulation inhabits the room" - the summary of my memoirs

well, that's nice of them. Disney+ put together a playlist of the MCU in fucking timeline order.

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the tech industry has to be the only historical situation of a market of tool makers making their tools more difficult and less effective to use as time progressed, right?

IATSE contract, covid mention 

Ignore the headlines. The IATSE contract issue is 75% about safety and working conditions. Yes, streaming pay was a sticking point in the negotiations but notice how one of the things that needed to be negotiated was 10hr rest periods a day and 56hr rest on the weekend. The expectation _now_ after intense negotiation. Previous expectations were closer to 6-8 hrs rest and no weekends.

Back-stage folks have been worked liked slaves for decades with shitty pay and terrible working conditions. With COVID and the screwed up film schedules, gigs have been spotty and money tight.

It’s also important to note that the union has not reached a global contract. This deal covers Hollywood. Negotiations and strike possibilities exist for work happening in places like Georgia and New York and Louisiana. A lot of your favorite shows are made in Georgia. For instance the vast majority of Marvel shows and movies have been filmed in Georgia. Those folks have no contract yet.

ok. took my time machine to 1994 (but brought my ipad), sat on the floor with my paper notebooks, colored pens, started sketching everything out. diagrams, wiring, walking the backwards and confusing docs that attempt to summarize electronics installation across five major PCB revisions on the send side and three major PCB revisions on the receive side, all in two tables and a paragraph.

I think, I think I've gotten a handle on the required wiring. I think. We'll see if I still have that handle after I've slept.

:ms_cat_scream:​ part of the instructions are backwards. The labels in one table are backwards from the labels on the board and the diagrams. Now I have to go through them line by line.

No wonder I was confused and overwhelmed.

Here is an example table from the instructions that claims to lay out the custom wiring for one of the connectors. This table breaks my brain.

Part of it is that I also need to map this to another diagram to tell me where these "prose descriptions of a pin" map to the actual board.

And since I have to make the connectors too, there's added stress of getting the pins in the wrong place.

It's just ... a thing and I'm trying to get past it but not succeeding well.

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I've been vapor locked this way on the duet smart effector install for my deltas for a fucking year. Every time I come back to it, I read the instructions and my brain stops. I'm really close to giving up on the upgrade entirely.

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I vapor lock sometimes on directions I find overly complex or confusing. I get overwhelmed and my brain just ... stops.

And now I have an indicator light for when the soldering bench has power and might be hot

oh I do so love the 3d print nerds who build parameterized openscad models for complex items

covid mention 

I might be able to go back to text mode mastodon now. Pre-pandemic, my TL was very image heavy because we could all go places and safely take pictures of stuff. Now, it’s mostly text again. Being more text mode again would be nice.

Of course the rostock takes 12V and every other fucking printer I have is 24V. It had to fucking special. Well, I have accomplished everything I am going to today then. Time for ice cream and a movie.

A while back, I made a poor life choice. I am providing this information free of charge so that maybe you can avoid the heartache it's brought me.

I bought a fridge a while back. Shopped around, the usual, found one I could live with that lacked any smart features. Nice sort of space gray metal on the outside.

Got delivered and installed one day, by some nice folks. And it turns out, to my shock and horror, that the fridge is not magnetic. No fridge magnets. No little whiteboards. No reminders held up by letter magnets that totally don't spell something obscene. No magnet poetry that absolutely is obscene. And now I'm stuck with this fridge until it dies.

So, don't be like me. When you're shopping for a fridge, take a magnet.

goddamit. where are all my fucking screws? There are entire boxes of screws gone missing in all the room moving. Screws I need for a project I've been stalling on for months.

Two of the zebra have been recruited by special ops for high risk rescue missions of endangered creatures.

So yeah, the first generation PrintDry system is literally a Flexion dehydrator with a different logo. All the parts fit with no issue.

Also note that some of the passwords were stored as unsalted SHA-1 so here’s hoping you used a throwaway password, particularly for old accounts.

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A database backup of Thingiverse from 2020 is circulating in the baddie community. Compromised data includes “Dates of birth, Email addresses, IP addresses, Names, Passwords, Physical addresses, Usernames”

All my Prusas are in enclosures now and fully upgraded.

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