how I wish for a totally static git repo sort of site but that also allows clone via http

@sungo What do you mean by "totally static" in this context?

@genehack if one were to go to, one would be served static assets from disc generated by some handwavey process. I can get this part from a couple of projects, probably.

The problem is still allowing https based cloning. There is no way to do that, as near as I can tell, from static files on disk served over https

@sungo yeah, i think you'd almost need to write a new git subcmd to support that on the client side?

@genehack which is pretty awful for not-sungo accessibility. So, server side shit it is

@sungo FWIW, I've been pretty pleased with Gitea, but my demands are pretty minor.

@genehack I'm running gitea. Thanks to a constant background radiation of bots, it sits between 300MB and 512MB of RAM to sit and get occasional push/pulls from me. It alone is keeping me from lowering my droplet size. So.. yeah.

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