looking at `docker ps`, I might be totally fine with moving my file server back to freebsd. I'm only running minio and a web server.

@sungo :eek:

I wish I could do that

FreeBSD was a great zfs base, way better than the latest buntu of doom releases

@kemonine this box is zfs only on the data side, booting off a usb-3 ssd with ubuntu. I can boot off freebsd, import the zpools, install some software, move on with life

@sungo Very nice setup

if i didn't have a xeon box with 64gb of ram for the nas + 'stuff' i'd be making a similar move most likely

but as it stands i need the compute / ram resources for things and it's just easier to have one machine soaking power than 2

hopefully in time that can change for the better

@kemonine yeah not trying to sell anyone on my architecture

@sungo I didn't take it that way

Just thinking out loud as to my preferences

I really wish ubuntu handn't gone all in on snaps and similar shit. They ruined a perfectly cromulent, non thinking distribution with that move IMO
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