Walmart's latest PS5 drop sold out in the quarter second between browser refreshes. Didn't even get a button to try and buy.

@sungo Seems like this round of console launches is pretty thin for sock...

Is that typical these days?
@kemonine @sungo consoles, graphic cards, cpus... seems like all tech launches are like that this year.

@gled @kemonine it's more that these folks can't figure out how to do pre-order. I don't really care how long it takes to arrive but I want to make a purchase and get into the queue. I want to know it _is_ coming.

@kemonine @gled there is no pre-order. that's my entire point.


oh! i thought you were saying they had a really stupiod pre-order system instead of a wholly non existent one

Sony should know better, especially if they aren't going to have stock available at launch


@kemonine @sungo They all do not have preorder systems, none.

The most clever I've seen was for EVGA graphic cards, with a queue system based on when you signed up for in stock notifications...

The rest, amd latest zen3, nvidia rtx3xxx, amd 6XXX GC, ps5, xbox...

Nope, just a very low supply rate and bots grabbing stuff..

( speaking of which, check or nvidia-sniper, easy to extend to do the deed if you really want stuff ).
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