we're done. The count is over. The numbers given. Joe Biden is the next US president.

but hold onto your butts for the next two weeks.


@sungo As an Australian, I'm amazed the US doesn't seem to have a Caretaker period between when the election is held and when the new President is sworn in (i.e. the Govt. runs, but no new business can be introduced, no new laws proposed, etc).

But then, I don't really understand how most of the US Govt system works. It all seems so overly complex and counter-intuitive.

re: uspol 

@dadegroot US govt is basically the first major iteration of a badly defined overly ambitious project. The code has gotten twisty and gross and too many people have had their hands in it. While it may be possible to overhaul the code base into a sustainable maintainable state, the way will be long and arduous.

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