Attention: Despite COVID-19, Puppy Bowl, incl the Kitty Halftime Show, will go on as scheduled on Feb 7 2021, at 2pm US/Eastern on Discovery+ and Animal Planet.

@sungo That wooshing noise you hear regularly is most pop culture flying over my head

There are some services that provide OTA feeds via iptv and the like.

I personally have a dual tuner HDHomeRun + Jellyfin which works pretty good for OTA needs like The Price Is Right and similar when I'm feeling under the weather.


@SetecAstronomy @kemonine luckily for you, it seems many of the years, and thus many hours, of puppy and kitty bowl are on ye ol' youtube.


I may have comskip and re-encoding to h264 via ffmpeg figured out for DVR duties 😉

I agree on commercials though: no patience

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