TV is great sometimes. These bomb makers are _way_ worse at soldering than I am.

@kemonine I'm pretty sure that, to guarantee a solid connection, this bomber used an entire spool of solder for each one. At least he'll die of lead poisoning.

@sungo Not fast enough and mad hatters are not good for general well being of humanity

@kemonine Since it was a TV show, the bomber was killed quickly.

@kemonine And since it was a TV show, the bomber was trying to use the anarchist's cookbook. the writers, of course, missed that, except in the super rare edition 666, every recipe in the anarchist's cookbook is missing a key ingredient.

@sungo thats an interesting piece of trivia

makes sense though. there are things in there that are surprisingly special

@kemonine the super special entries have missing key ingredients that are likely to make you blow yourself up or at least loose a finger or five. No one I've ever known who owned a copy, any edition, of the anarchist's cookbook ever used it for more than looking badass on the shelf / hard drive.

@kemonine it was the first Fight Club. And since Fight Club: The Book features the cookbook, the chain holds.

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