Stross makes an excellent point. As of the Disney/Fox acquisition, the Queen in Aliens is now a Disney Princess

@KitRedgrave I look terrible in a dress so let's get the dress code changed first

@sungo Ohhhhh

I can think of so many ways for that to go sideways on all the humans


@sungo hmm, is she though? Isn't she just an Evil Queen, or Evil Stepmother now?

@FiXato are you volunteering to be the one to tell her she can't be a princess?

@carcinopithecus @sungo you both are making excellent points there ;)

But... has anyone dared telling her that Disney owns her now?...
Wouldn't want to be that messenger...

@FiXato @sungo in before there's a major disaster and outbreak on a remote disney colony...

@FiXato @carcinopithecus It's a really great way to get rid of Mickey Mouse once and for all. Though, I do shudder a bit at mouse/alien hybrids.

@sungo @carcinopithecus facehuggers who keep your eyes open and focused on a Disney Plus feed?

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