I'm a lifetime subscriber to plex so I can't even stop giving them money for this announcement that they're going to totally fuck with my home screen in a few weeks.

because I totally bought into plex because I love algorithmic views of my media :flan_eyeroll:

@sungo ugh, what are they doing? I'm like 60% into importing decades' worth of media into plex for the first time

@proto the default home screen is going algorithmic and a bunch of new features require it. Right now, you can still have a manual home page but if I understand correctly everyone goes algorithmic in late April.

But I could be totally misunderstanding. I kinda panic when people tell me they're going to fuck with my carefully crafted anything.

@sungo hm.

luckily(?) for me, I've never experienced the normal home screen as intended because I'm still constantly uploading and re-labeling things

but the plex team has already drawn my ire after I spent most of a day last month trying to get a couple of custom channels working, only to find out the "channels" feature was just discontinued in february

@sungo (also, seriously, they should consider finding a metadata source that knows what anime is. there are a half dozen comprehensive sites with free APIs)

@proto TV shows are the fucking worst with Plex. I stopped ripping them because they're too much fucking work. All their data sources pretty much assume you're getting shows from usenet or bittorrent and only detect properly if you rename to match.

@proto I've been had a lifetime plex pass for six or seven years now. For most of that, Plex has been pretty great. But they're desperately trying to monetize this shit even more. Grow or die I guess.

@sungo I'm taking this as an opportunity to rename all my files to a consistent scheme, even if plex uses a consistent scheme that I strongly dislike

I should be able to just point jellyfin at these same library folders, if jellyfin ever gets decent playback apps :blobcatShrug:

@proto plex was fucking brilliant for me when I was travelling a lot. Plex can be setup to automatically transcode shit to whatever profile and download it to your device. So I had TV shows set so I'd always have the next three episodes or whatever in the device's preferred format. My ipad was always full of downloaded content.

@sungo I'm only using it at home and all my screens are higher-res than the majority of my media (which is lucky because my nas only has a celeron in it so transcoding would be a Problem) but even still it's been a lot more convenient than manually shuttling files or troubleshooting SMB

@proto Yup. Plex has a lot of really nice use cases. They are desperately trying to burn off an industry perception that Plex is entirely a UI for pirated content.

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