Dear Spotify, stop trying to make podcasts happen for me. It is _not_ going to happen. Better apps than you have tried.

@sungo I can glance across lots of things at once. I can touch lots. lots of smells, lots of tastes. but if I am listening to some one thing, nothing else is getting listened to right then. that's it. I'm not multitasking my listening. and there is a lot of music in the world.

@djsundog I can't do anything else if a podcast is on. Either I'm focusing solely on the speech or it's just pain in the ass noise that makes me angry. And just sitting and listening to someone talk for 45 minutes while doing nothing else at all reminds me college and fuck that shit.

@djsundog if one visits my home, one would notice everyone has on headphones or earbuds. There is a love of audiobooks in some areas, a love of metal in others. Our house is silent to outsiders because we're all rocking out to our headphones.

Some day I figure we'll learn ASL so we never have to take this shit off. And oddly, I'm vaguely looking forward to needing hearing aids so I can get those swanky bluetooth ones and always have music on in a socially acceptable way.

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