heh. the thing where having installed wireguard before spinning up firewall rules saved my ass from walking up two flights of stairs and finding a spare monitor

@sungo (next time you're up there find a spare monitor and bring it down for future you)

@djsundog oh the computer in question is up two flights of stairs too. I just haven't set up the monitor for it yet. hackspace is on the 2nd floor. gaming lounge is in the basement.

@sungo that's a workout. I'm pretty sure I'd end up neglecting one or the other spaces from sheer laziness lol

@djsundog it provides good mental separation. "I am done with all that hackspace shit and am now crashing on the couch to play games." obv ssh is still a thing but it prevents me from rewiring all the things.

also, this comfy couch is fucking heavy. when we moved in, my office wasn't finished so the couch went in the basement. ain't no one carrying it upstairs now.

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