holy shit I think my wrist is nearly done healing. no more brace.

ph, story time 

I realized today coming back from our walk that my ankle is pretty much all healed up too.

How do I know? Story time!

When I was a kid, we had to learn marching. That school didn't have any space for "sports" but it had enough open paved space for us to march. Yes, it was as bullshit as you think. But after that, I started pivoting on the balls of my feet for almost all rotation. However, my knees are fucked up so that pivoting puts real stress on my knees.

When I fucked up my ankle, I stopped being able to pivot on my left foot due to the ankle motion. I also stopped being able to walk in the evenings. So, my left knee stopped hurting.

Coming back from the walk today, I realized my left knee was hurting that way again. So, I'm pivoting which means my ankle is healed enough that I've stopped thinking about it. But now my knee hurts.

Getting old is complicated

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