It's sort of amazing how much easier meetings are to tolerate when I pipe in post-minimal piano as the background music.

@sungo got an example? would like to try some, myself.

@wohali today's meeting soundtrack is Anton Batagov's "Invisible Lands"

@sungo only 15s in and I already want to go and tune my piano

@wohali I can't remember. Are you a philip glass person?

@wohali @sungo playing einstein on the beach to give the entire meeting a feeling of deep anxiety

@libc @wohali Fun fact. Sometimes, when I have panic attacks, Glass' more chaotic works, including Einstein, are the only way shut down the panic.

@sungo @wohali the only time i've listened to einstein on the beach i felt paranoid, his other stuff is fine

@libc @wohali it's easily one of his least accessible, most chaotic pieces. Specifically, the Sony version is a mess because they sped up a bunch of it to fit the CDs

@wohali Batagov, at this point, is basically "the person who plays Glass' piano stuff", to the point where Glass wrote a song specifically for Batagov. Batagov's "Prophecies" are piano versions of bits from Einstein on the Beach and Koyaanisqatsi that are probably the most accessible versions I've heard. He also did all of Glass piano etudes and that's an amazing album for me too.

@sungo the truth is that, as a somewhat obsessive musician/artist, I find most music too intrusive... my brain kicks into overdrive analysing the entire thing, making it hard to focus on anything else. so in general I don't listen to music unless it's a dedicated activity...

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