This is not the sort of music I'd probably generally recommend. It's kinda inaccessible and it's a single 50m long piece. Also kinda droney. Super niche.

But again, as a theme for me of late, Batagov, in this case "Tetractys" is something I'm enjoying right now.

This is Batagov with a string ensemble playing with diatonic scales and the notion that "the universe [is] an immense monochord". It's high concept kinda hippy dippy stuff that I normally roll my eyes at but I'm digging the result.

Big artistic statement over at

art ramblings, long 

The reason I roll my eyes at high concept stuff is that sometimes artist's intentions don't matter.

Example. There are artists that do color field. has its roots in abstract expressionism but for someone walking into a room with art, they are functionally geometric shapes and colors in tension.

Sometimes, one will look at the placard next to the piece or find it online and it's text is something like "this piece invokes the spanish war against the martians in 1805 and the struggle of the martian slave population to achieve freedom in the light of interplanetary war" and I'm all "no motherfucker this is a green box on a blue field and while I have some thoughts here, not one of them is about a war with mars".

It is important to recognize and understand the context of a piece and the artist's intentions. It is particularly important to understand the artist's intentions when surveying their work as a whole or in the context of their contemporaries.

However, once the art is released into the world, it has a life of its own. When someone sees it in a gallery, the person's personal context is more important and forms the basis of what they'll take away and how they'll remember their experience.

Hell, even curation matters more than artist's intentions once it's in the wild. I have been to many exhibitions where I was blown over by pieces entirely because they were next to each other. Individually, they were kinda meh but together? And that's all the curators.

Anyway, this is why I roll my eyes at Batagov's big statement about pythagorous and the structure of the universe. You can hear Batagov playing with the monochord idea and the obvious scales and hear him trying to express these mathematical concepts which music is so great at. But I'd have never have thought "oh yeah pythagorus" without some serious prompting.

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