yes, you asshole, we call it "chinese". This is a chinese person speaking chinese to another chinese person in their home in china and if you closed captions writer person are listening to the audio even slightly, you should know this.

@sungo silly fun fact: whether this cop-out is used and the particular "I don't know, give me a point" phrasing chosen for it can help identify whether/which transcription service was employed to produce your unsatisfying captions! i.e.

@sungo I was so disappointed when I realized it's usually just crummy contract jobs and not the script :blobdisapproval: like way to prioritize this super important thing

@pmosetc there are things I miss about working at a cable company. when I did, I could go see who provided the content, because we all had the same videos and closed captions provided by the studios, see who did the captions, and file an official complaint. "Complaint from Time Warner Cable" worked way better than "complaint from sungo" (at least until they got to know me)

@sungo that must have been awesome, because some of these are absolute trash and they're getting worse over time. The lowest bargain basement bidders will even split up the tracks and stitch them back together so you're not getting any consistency because multiple people will work on stuff out of order and things aren't cued properly and will just break lines at random. Like I guess that's better than nothing? But you get real cranky when someone's name keeps changing.

@sungo I am not good at transcription but I used to do error checking tasks for one place that paid for transcripts of accident report calls to insurance companies and sometimes it was people doing them and sometimes it was speech recognition and now I have no respect for people *or* computers

@sungo @pmosetc
Captions for Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix used to be prefixed with "Captioned by The Caption Center WGBH Educational Foundation" (and in other cases even "U.S. Department of Education"), which made it especially funny because they were riddled with grammatical errors such as "its" vs "it's", or sentences such as "You have no dept to me" when they actually should've used "debt".

The attribution is gone, and the spelling has been fixed; I wonder if they switched sources. ;)

@sungo just one I want to see them say f. us all and subtitle the Chinese snippets in Chinese. Can't read, Westerner? Tough luck.

@feonixrift I don't remember which one but there was one show in my life where the closed caption people translated the non-english language. that was very cool

@sungo @feonixrift the best ones are those that offer two caption feeds: one where it just says "x speaks Klingon", and another where the sentence is actually translated.
One a first watch I usually don't want to know what is actually said if the main character isn't supposed to understand the other language. One a second watch I'd love to know what was actually said though.

But "x speaks foreign language" when it the characters are supposed to know which language is spoken? Fuck off.

@sungo yeah, I hate that. Just put in the language they are speaking.

Of course I would have liked it if they also translate things, but I get it that sometimes the audience isn't supposed to know wtf they are talking about.

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