I have come to the conclusion that about 75% of commercial pizza is better the next day.

@sungo Every time I reheat thin-crust in a skillet I wonder why I don't do that when it arrives fresh. Not sure it would be the same without the intermediate chilling but someday, SOMEDAY I will remember to at least try it.

@gamehawk I used to order take-out pizzas the day before I usually wanted them. stick it in the fridge and run it through the oven the next day. Papa Johns, for instance, it's like a totally different pizza once you crisp it up. (and let about 200lbs of grease drip off)

@sungo I can't remember where I first learned this but is basically how we do it with the thin crust from the mom & pop's near us. I haven't tried it with anything thicker; the Sicilian from the other mom & pop's, which is closer to Papa John's in thickness, has not lasted past dinner+midnight snack with the kid but I think I might be more inclined to go with the oven if I ever get to reheat some.

@gamehawk papa johns is 10m at ~375. on a pan that'll catch the fountains of grease.


@gamehawk @sungo at some point over the winter i started using some of the no-knead dough to make really thick pizza in a cast iron along the lines of

a revelation, and it should definitely inform my approach to the leftovers.


@brennen @sungo I have got a sourdough going in the fridge and I am gonna hafta try some pizza dough with it.

@sungo Often when I get Domino's I get one of their chicken parm sandwiches for the next day. It's not bad the day you get it, but it's _good_ the following day.

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