damn, y'all, give it a rest, particularly you lot in ops. remember , how that was a thing because we try to support our fellows in the trenches? should we broadcast your next outage and dance in the flames while you burn yourself out trying to fix a public-facing outage? or should we try to support our fam who are having an awful day and not make it worse for them?

(this is not your time to tell me it's different when certain sites are involved. the block and defederate buttons are all warmed up.)

@sungo I'm hoping the fallout hits the managers who insisted upon a setup allowing this kind of failure despite warnings from the ops folks. You _know_ there were warnings about this kind of scenario.

@kurtm @sungo Sadly, we also know that FB bosses work some of their folks to the ragged edge of sanity and beyond--likely they do exactly the same to their ops folks. And if it turns out tech {X} was the one who put a foot through the hull, they won't blame the system that built a hydroplane out of layered aluminum foil and duct tape, they'll just ask {X} to cross their ankles so the bosses can use 3 nails instead of 4.

@rowens @kurtm They are not alone in that which is why mutual aid exists

@sungo the ops folks are the only ones I feel bad for. Including the facilities people.

Edit: to clarify, I'm including the facilities people in who I feel sympathy for. I'm sure they're getting yelled at to hell and back today.

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