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I don’t really understand why reviewers are surprised by the mechanics of Far Cry 6 or are somehow ignorant of the premise. This is game 3.5 of this same silly open-world bat-shit crazy evil-despot-unseating premise and almost nothing has changed. Well, except that we dropped the “white savior” thing a couple games back, thankfully.

This is basically a less sexual Saints Row where for reasons that don’t make much sense, you get access to ridiculously overpowered weaponry in an open world that really doesn’t give a fuck if you play story missions.

This is the game where in previous iterations, you could be hunted down by insane overpowered badgers. There’s this spot in Far Cry 4 where you can be mobbed by badgers, chased towards a cliff, then divebombed by angry eagles until they all shove you off a cliff to your death. Even if you’re in a car. The badgers will destroy your car.

In this game, you can get a companion animal that is a dachsund with busted back legs who walks around with wheels on the back. Or, you can get a white tiger with a gold chain who specifically hunts down wealthy bad guys and robs their corpses.

So why are these reviewers all surprised and … sad I guess? that this iteration is more of the same? or that some how the franchise didn’t grow and evolve? We have enough Call of Duty clones, thank you very much.

So now, my tiger and I are going to go hunt down that pelican with a homing beacon that might lead us to treasure. or maybe use the Far Cry version of Saints Row’s Dubstep Gun to kill baddies in style.

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