That NYT “where should you live” interactive thing doesn’t have enough filters based on what food and what quality I can get delivered at 10pm on a tuesday night.


@sungo kurt was just like "man, is sungo calling you out?" I just gave up on the idea that I'm cooking and found a place that will still send me a fish fry and if that pans out I'm going to be a happy girl

apparently I can still get duck wings, halal fried chicken or a cubano but the somali place, korean places and all the indian places have already closed and you have to do pickup for any noodles, pizza or bubble tea :(

re: food 

@sungo I think I'd relocate for good late tuesday night french toast

re: food 

@pamela I’ve got … *checks* …. taco bell. I can get other fast food. Papa Johns is probably still open. I mean, I’ve basically got the same selection that I did in semi-rural indiana. Which… yeah

re: food 

@sungo checks out

hmmm, now if they would deliver taco bell breakfast at night, that might have possibilities XD

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