@kitchen I was pointed at your corne build logs, specifically your battery build, and just wanted to say that holy crap you did a good job with that. I'm working on a corne variant, mostly to learn kicad, and your build made me rethink a bunch of things. It's going to be a better build because of your post :) So thanks :)

@sungo what things in particular? Also thanks for the feedback! Glad I could be of assistance!

@kitchen Well, first, you proved that my mental layout for how the reset switch and power switch physically sit on the board will work. The link to the slide switch you're using was also very helpful.

But the most helpful part, probably, was your discussion of flipping the MCU so its chips up. I've been struggling to get a battery under my controller without adding too much height. My current solution is some 3d printed fun to hold the battery safely on top of the MCU on low profile headers. But flipping the MCU over fits my batteries perfectly with higher profile headers that I already have. your setup saves me several mm of height and offers good protection of the battery.

So, now I'm rerouting the traces on my build to accommodate the chips-up controller and I've got some switch models to play around with :)

@sungo very cool! I’d love to see the final build when you have it :)

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