Any keyboard building type people willing to give me some feedback on a small design matter?

@float13 If you sat down to solder on the headers for the controller to a keyboard and saw these graphics, do you think you'd succeed at getting the controller on there right?


Yeah I think so. You could fill in some more pin numbers/names just to make it super clear. But "Chips Up" makes sense... just make it super clear in the documentation too.

The Sofle was super confusing; iirc the non-RGB version has the micros flipped comopared to the RGB version, so if you accidentally look at the wrong guide you'd be in trouble.

I haven't heard of the Nice Nano, looks cool. It looks like some pin #s are different (and extra pins too?) from a Pro Micro (I just looked up the Sparkfun one real quick) so maybe pick the ones that are the always the same, if it's meant to be interchangeable.

But I think printing on the PCB which way the micro should go is a huge advancement in keyboard design lol!

@float13 The nice!nano is pro-micro compatible. It has two extra little holes for battery hookups, though you can tap RAW and GND too. this build will eventually have battery hookups and a switch but I'm not quite there yet. (There are also some extra pins exposed as SMD pads on the back of the nice!nano)

The entire sofle situation is a mess. The community did very wrong by the original author.


Ah nice lol. Yeah it looks good. If you want to be extra super clear, you could say "This Side - Chips Up"

I didn't know that about the Sofle... I just tried it because I've been without a scrolly wheel on my trackball for ages, so the encoders seemed worth trying (and I love the encoder now especially for Kicad :)

@float13 The community basically forced the original author to release an unfinished, untested, design as the "v2" just so they'd leave the author alone. The community then went on to make lots of variants, some totally busted, the problems for which all landed on the original human's lap because they're "the sofle designer".


...adding PCB Design Consulting to the resume...


No problem!

Wish me luck... supposed to ship out a first draft of a board for first assembly test tomorrow (this sounds much fancier/advanced than it actually is)

@float13 what do you have those encoders set to do in kicad?


Left encoder is just a regular mouse scroll up/down for zooming in/out.

Right encoder is just volume control for now; I tried setting it to left/right scroll but it seems like many apps don't support that.

I'd love to make some kind of 3D mouse for Openscad/Freecad etc. with either the keyboard encoders or the BDN9 encoders eventually...


Very hard to use Kicad (or anything else) without a scroll wheel lol

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