ah the GITS: SAC episode where the tachikomas achieve enough sentience to rise up against their condition only to have the smartest of them taken and dismantled for study while the rest are locked in boxes.

GITS does eventually circle around to accepting sentient tachikomas but this episode is kinda brutal against our fun little buddies.

@sungo I wonder how I'd feel about the tachikomas if I'd first saw GitS as an adult or never saw the english dub

as a 14(?) year old I couldn't stand them, although they were perfectly tolerable when I watched SAC_2045 with subs a year or two ago

@proto they're toned down a bit by 2045. Early on, they are intentionally bratty children. One of the english dubs used five or six famous voice actors who specialized in high pitch whiny children.

@proto there's also plot from back in GITS: SAC season 2 behind why those three tachikomas in 2045 are all different than the others.

the tachikomas are so weird because they have a more intricate and detailed backstory in just the anime than the human characters.

@sungo the tachikomas are one of the best, most interesting elements of GITS

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