We need $4k more in the next 26hrs on this kickstarter to force @mwlucas to dance in public. you know you want it. go do the thing.

@craigmaloney @sungo

It's interpretive dance. Will require a very special soundtrack.

@mwlucas @sungo I also sampled this song on the Sun SPARCStations in college and played it from time to time to torment the others in the lab:

I'm a very nice person. Except when I'm not. 😀

@craigmaloney @sungo

Wow. You might be the only other person I know who's heard Graveyard Cafe. :flan_XD::flan_heart:

Thought "Industrial Blues" off M/Bv2 is their truly magnificent track.

@craigmaloney @sungo

I have never uploaded an unlicensed song to Youtube. Because that would be rude.

But "Industrial Blues" is unavailable anywhere else, and pushes me to break that rule every. single. day.

@mwlucas @sungo Honestly I wonder who holds the rights to those compilations because they're way overdue for getting their ass onto Bandcamp proper.

But I'm sure the answer is "it's complicated, sloppy, and ho boy."

@craigmaloney @sungo

I was an editor for v2 and v3.

The original bands have all rights to their songs. The albums were entirely non-profit.

@craigmaloney @sungo

Sort of?

The compilations can't be resold. That's fine.

The original bands have their rights. That's fine.

It's up to the bands to do the work to get their work out. And I suspect most of them have given up on music. :-(

@mwlucas @sungo I'm sure most of them aren't even on speaking terms anymore, if I know my life-cycle of bands.

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