The Revo hotend and 0.6mm nozzle are working really well on the Prusa MK3S. The other MK3S n the shop will definitely be getting one once the the Obxidian nozzles come out. At least one of my MK3S need the ability to handle abrasives and the Revo only has brass nozzles right now.


one of the 0.6mm prints came out real sketchy because I was running fast with thick layers and prusaslicer's pressure advance logic doesn't seem to be working as well as advertised. Had big globs at the seams.

The new enclosure continues to work really well too. The cork and its glue are still outgassing a bit particularly when the temp gets above 30C but that will pass and I've got a charcoal filter on the exhaust for exactly this kind of situation

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