anyone got a good recommendation for a steamdeck dock for a 4k tv?

@drwho @sungo funny, I just ordered one earlier today. I'll update you once I have it?

@sungo I was working on 3dprinting one to hold the dongle and the deck, but my extruder shit the bed.

LMK if you go the buy vs build route. I'm highly curious about what folks come up with in this space

@chuck there are lots of amazon options with usb hubs and shit. but the usual amazon caveat emptor rules apply

@sungo Yeah, I wound up picking up the dongle out at Microcenter when I was there to pick up a replacement keyboard and discovering how "great" the warranty coverage on their printers are :flan_eyeroll:

@chuck so, none at all, basically? what printer went wonky on you?

@sungo The BiquBX. Extuder gears have stopped engaging full stop.

After doing some rudimentary surfing it looks like I've probably got flash buildup in the gearbox that has shifted the gears out of place. Supposedly there's a bit of slop in the bearing that leads to this and buildup triggers the feeder gear "clicking" and not feeding the filament.

@sungo The worst part is, the gear is fine its just the supporting gears from the step motor that are acting stupid.

:( Obnoxious that i can feed filament by hand but not by the motor *le sigh*

@chuck yeah I've had that problem before. Can't just clean it out?

@sungo This coupled with "I cannot be bothered with tearing into this right now" has left it as project printer #2

I'll probably get to it this weekend unless I have a sleepless night this week.

@chuck wait. aren't all printers project printers?

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