I remain really annoyed that I can't convert my prusa to a real bondtech extruder without custom firmware.

I remain somewhat furious that my printer basically has DRM in it to begin with.

@sungo Huh! They sell stuff for Prusa on their site. What doesn’t work?

@JoshuaACNewman You have to reconfigure e-steps and max-z for bondtech kit to work on a prusa. (And maybe extruder gear direction) The prusa firmware on the MK3 allows almost no configuration so you can't set those values. Bondtech provides unsigned firmware with their values built in which makes the prusa very angry.

Worth noting that the Prusa Mini's firmware dies allow those values to be configured by a hidden menu. Took a full year of the community asking for it and Bondtech coming out with an extruder that requires wiring changes to get Prusa to allow the configuration.

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