It's confusing to me that enough people with money thought VTOL air taxis would work that there was an entire startup about this. That folks are now shocked that this startup has failed.

This shit had rotors. What, it's gonna land in the street and pick you up? What happens the first time a tall person gets too close or someone's dog gets sucked up in the rotor wash? Not to mention the "bad driver = falling out of the sky" problem.

People invest in stupid shit.

@sungo There seem to be way too many people that never really - REALLY - looked at how bad everybody is controlling motorized vehicles of any kind.

Also, these concepts always seem to assume that energy is going to be free. How would flying ever be competitive with anything on wheels?

@tsturm and you can't even sell this to rich people. they already have air taxis. they're called helicopters and they have "taxi stands" on all their buildings labelled "helipad".

I'm glad the startup failed before we go to the part where they want them to be self-driving/flying with AI.

@sungo ...and before they could hire a marketing person to promote it as "democratizing air travel" or some such drivel.

@tsturm but yeah I want to see the taxi stands with the av fuel pump. Not to mention the FAA paperwork to try and get a gig economy air taxi setup.

@sungo FAA agent looks up from their screen "You want to do WHAT?"

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