For real, as I ponder a more differently-abled accessible bathroom reno, this walk in tub is hitting high notes. Can be a tub, a spa, just a foot massager. Has a built in setting for your wine glass. Maybe a cheese plate.

From the left, Calicats printed in:
- ProtoPasta Marine Dream Blue
- ProtoPasta Forest Fantasy Green
- ProtoPasta Citrus Sunrise Orange

New Desk v0.5 - I have the inverse deskpad coming and I think it'll look better.

Hmmm. Pondering color schemes. Keys aren't flat because they're not pressed down

And there we are. Functional Genesis macropad. Caps arrive on Friday I think.

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An evening in the sungosphere. Oregon Chai (not pictured) and some soldering.

Pictured: Genesis macropad on its way to getting Hako Violet key switches

The Atom Sockets live! Still some bugs to shake out but they're reporting via mqtt, etc etc. They are not yet remotely controllable but that'll be via mqtt as well probably.

Don't know if I've shared the 3d print wall art piece in a while

Which one of you works at Apple and managed to get this "Gopher Proxy" option into the Advanced network settings?


I own or have shopped for most of the things on this desk. And I swear to you that if this was my desk and you put a mason jar full of cold brew on it, I would end you in ways that would become a cautionary tale for generations. There is so much money just hanging out on that desk.

I think my browser is trying to tell me something.

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