Moving shit around in the hackspace to build out this station. I guess it's a finishing station?

Power box is in production. Lots of soldering practice today.

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Yay heat set inserts. I wish I'd discovered these years ago.

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Part of today's project work: a power junction box for the 3d printer enclosure

A new, more simple, dry box for the enclosure for stuff that doesn't need active heat

When you stare into the abyss, the cat stares back.

Calicat in Fillamentum "Black Soul" CPE HG100

The picture is kinda weird because the print is so black the camera freaked out

Witness my new 3d printer enclosure and my simple feeder system to let me print straight out of a printdry.

Now it's actually a good thing to absent-mindedly forget to run up to the studio when a print finished.

3d printed case for my Wowstick screwdriver and bits

Left side is in Proto-pasta Tangerine Orange Metallic Gold PLA and the right side is in Proto-pasta Cloverleaf Metallic Green

Model is at

The rpi4 fitted with an Argon Mini fan is in its final home on the new enclosure for the Prusa. I'm so happy with the result.

A little extra magic and mesh repairs later... I think this final build will work

And just like that, I have an rpi4 case top that fits an argon mini fan

It's a really different view from before but I think this camera angle will work for me.

New LED side lighting for the Prusa, featuring my first soldering in decades

After a billion test prints and remixes, I have a print fan setup for the gremlin that should work really well.

The graphic design department at amazon is apparently too young to remember goatse.

(If you don't know either, please have someone explain it before attempting a search. It is in extreme)

ProtoPasta Pastabilities - Dec 2020

Calicats, from the left:
- Metallic Obsidian
- White Marble
- Metallic Good As Gold

I dislike that gold intensely.


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