Right hand side of a Corne v3, filled with Gateron Silent Brown switches

rapidly flashing lights 

I think I fucked up some solder joints

Black Tidbit macro/numpad in a 3d printed case with Susuwatari key caps

By request, this is what the MT3 keycaps look like in profile on the iris (flat keys on left side are rama and pmk flat low profiles).

Check that scoop! Love it.


(Loaded up the keebio Iris Split Keyboard with mixed MT3 keycaps and rama.works flat space bars)

Tidbit num/macropad with Gateron Silent Browns and F10 flat caps. Mostly stoked that I got the underglow LEDs right

Keebio Iris split keyboard with Gateron Silent Brown switches

wish I'd kept track of who made this image of me. it was someone on the grand fediverse but it was like three instances ago for me

keyboard spoilers for someone who knows who they are 

Boardsource 4x12 ortho all soldered up, tested, and loaded with switches. caps arrive tomorrow I think

You know you're in trouble, hobby wise, when you dedicate easily accessible bins to keyboard switches

All done. Nibble 65% keyboard with Hako Violet switches and MT3 Susuwatari caps (and SA Alpine media keys).

itty bitty machine pins in an itty bitty jar. (key cap for scale)

This is a Gherkin 3x10 ortho keyboard populated with inappropriate keycaps to figure out if it's even possible for me to type on.

I would like to report that the person who designed this must be substantially smaller than either me or my partner. I'd need to lose 30lbs to even have a hope of rotating my shoulders into an appropriate place. My wrists rotate in really awful ways and I start wanting a rest for my thumbs.

Ignoring the learning curve for a new keymap and orthos in general, I think I'd physically damage myself trying to use a Gherkin.

Oh sure. You can mill max this without problems. We promise. We're really sure we didn't put a switch socket and the MCU pin holes right fucking next to each other.

Guess I'm doing at least two kailh sockets on this board. Glad I caught this in prep.

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