Here is an example table from the instructions that claims to lay out the custom wiring for one of the connectors. This table breaks my brain.

Part of it is that I also need to map this to another diagram to tell me where these "prose descriptions of a pin" map to the actual board.

And since I have to make the connectors too, there's added stress of getting the pins in the wrong place.

It's just ... a thing and I'm trying to get past it but not succeeding well.

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And now I have an indicator light for when the soldering bench has power and might be hot

All my Prusas are in enclosures now and fully upgraded.

Tonight’s build was a Keebio DSP40, a row stagger 40% keyboard. I’ve loaded it with Box Brown switches and KAT profile blank white keycaps.

The new segment of the hackspace. Such a pretty floor


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