I don't have a build post yet but I finally published the models and bill of materials for that environment sensor package I was showing off last month.


Well, we figured out why I adore MT3 (and likely SA) profile keycaps. One photo here is my current keyboard with caps. The second photo is a commodore 64 keyboard, minus the commodore 64. The C64 was my real computer and the first computer that was ever _mine_, after my dad graduated to the 128.

So, it's absolutely no wonder why I adore typing on MT3. Muscle memory is a bitch, even all these decades later.

This is super geeky but "surface go on a pole" is working really well on the basement couch

The October round of Pastabilities from ProtoPasta. Three Calicats, from the left:

- Matte Fiber "Mahogany" HTPLA
- Matte Fiber "Daffodil" HTPLA
- Matte Fiber "Walnut" HTPLA

Interesting thing is that all three have some glitter and pearlescent added so they resemble wood but with a sparkle and sheen

This is pretty much the most beautiful place I've found in No Man's Sky.

New (likely endgame) keycaps. a mixture of /dev/tty and susuwatari MT3 profile caps by matt3o

Temporary keycaps so I can play with keymaps while waiting for more appropriate ones to arrive

Now for the hardest part, figuring out which keycaps to use

Right hand side is ready for its power-on test

Time to get to work

( Lily58 Pro, Elite-C MCU, hot swap, Hako Violet switches )

So, this keyboard. There's "Rub" key on this keyboard. I know that my ddg search will be ... unhelpful. Any of you all know what the "Rub" key was for?

(Image from catonmat.net/why-vim-uses-hjkl )


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