I also need to sit down and start figuring out kicad to build a pcb to replace the jank handwired breadboard at the heart of this.

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new top for the trackball. I'm trying to protect the sensor for outside interference a bit.

bearing situation remains ridiculous and I'm still thinking that through. I also have some bigger bearings coming than the ones recommended for the design that inspired this one.

And I'm thinking about buttons. The original inspiration has no buttons and relies on users putting mouse keys on their custom keymaps. But in playing with a similar setup, I've decided this is Not For Me. And it sounds like lots of folks who are interested in the concept also need buttons. (it makes sense. one-handed mousing is kinda what we know).

there is a _lot_ of small things wrong with this prototype but it fucking works. custom build trackball with a pro micro compatible controller (from keyboard land) running QMK with a pmw3600 infrared sensor.

This is kind of a shitty photo but it's a calicat in Overture Matte Black PLA

I made a thing! It's a simple thing but I haven't completed a make in a little while.


It's a cover for the controller on a Corne keyboard, specifically one that gives me access to the reset button so I can flash the firmware more easily.

The print is in Overture Matte White PLA

My labors today have so far wrought a working prototype trackball sensor, based on the standard pro micro controller, a PMW3360 sensor, and QMK firmware

This is a Pinky3 split keyboard featuring a 3x6 matrix, with three extra keys where most folks put the controller, with four thumb row keys. Beyond the extra keys, the extra fun is that the Pinky3 uses Choc low profile switches on the thumb row.

The one in the photo is full of Hako Violet key switches and MT3 keycaps. The choc row is Linear Red Pro switches and MBK keycaps.

First picture contains the first awful benchy off the gremlin and the one where I said "good enough" for that size. Second photo is where I scaled up the model to be in the size range for the prints I expect to do on this printer. I'm pretty happy with the results.

First real print on the gremlin. It's awful but that was to be expected

Debuting the formerly-a-tevo-little-monster printer, now called the Gremlin. The only original parts are the frame, bed heater, and power supply. Calicat for scale, and a comparison of the bed size vs the prusa mk3s+.

Shitty picture to compare to the bulk and drama of the original hotend

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:flan_hurrah: ddg was kind and I managed to find and then modify this fan shroud so I have the perfect-for-me part cooling fan for this new hotend. it’s a mosquito magnum attached to the duet smart effector via an adapter from 713makers.

(photo is of a mockup in white pla. the hopefully final version is printing now in black PC blend)

The Tevo Little Monster does a couple of things right. One of which are these giant screw-on power cables

All going well, tomorrow there will be a pirate ship wall hanging

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