Closer looks at the wiring and evidence of why no one should let me near a hot glue gun

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New wireless, battery powered, choc Corne keyboard. This build is based on @kitchen ‘s design.

I messed up on the left one a bit because my wires are too thick to be jammed through the existing holes and I didn’t noticed until I’d already cut the wires. When I built the right hand side, I ran the wires up the front and underneath. This is how I’ll build them going forward.

Normally this would be grounds for a quality complaint and a minor refund from jlcpcb. But I kinda like it.

I promised photos of the Breeze keyboard in its case. So here you go. The case is 3d print in Fillamentum "Wizard's Voodoo" PLA. And yes, it does change from glitter purple to glitter blue depending on the viewing angle.

I need to let this percolate a bit more but I might just have a design for this corne variant that is ready for a trial build/purchase

Sunday night in the hackspace. Not shown: busy 3d printer

Tonight's project was a Breeze split keyboard by Afternoonlabs. To quote mkultra: "The Breeze Split Keyboard is basically a TKL (tenkeyless) keyboard minus the function row."

Mine is done up with Choc Red switches with MBK POM keycaps. There will be more pictures later tomorrow when the case finishes printing.

I'm working on a variant of the Corne keyboard, mostly as a way to learn kicad. This is a choc only build, designed for use with a wireless controller like the nice!nano (thus no ability to connect the halves physically). All going well, this build will be compatible with corne v3 switch plates and bottoms.

This is where I am at the moment. This is the backside, where all the soldering happens. There are things I like, things I'm not sure about yet. And I am obviously a n00b stumbling around.

But it's getting there. Next steps are to (sadly but for a good cause) reverse the MCU wiring, then add a power switch and expose solder points of a battery hookup.


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