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@mwlucas this is where my knowledge has gaps. My concern is that we're talking about such teensy tiny amount of current that I'm pretty sure one has to consider resistance and the like. And I have no idea how to do that. I should but I don't.

goddamn I feel awful. My gut biome is super unhappy

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"popular myth is that people who are Very Computer have computers that work. nothing could be further from the truth. the Very Computer are capable of generating much more novel and fascinating ways to make computers not fucking work and exercise this capability wantonly"

@pmosetc allie brosh is still around and kicking. the internet just drove her away.

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job search (please boost) 

looking for remote work, either at a queer-owned business or at least somewhere that is unionized... i have 11 years of IT support experience and am also open-minded to a career change

thanks in advance! :-)

@mwlucas Even just looking at the instructable, I can see some ways I'd tune it. For instance, one could get small copper rods instead of running wire through the opening. Easier to clean, not prone to developing spikey bits. I'd also 3d print the hell out of that thing. And, really, why doesn't it have flame decals? Did their rat not graduate to race cars?

@mwlucas problem is, one of us could probably build it for you but if something went wrong, or for initial testing even, one would need similar skills or someone nearby who does. Very sad because a ratmobile is an interesting concept

I wish the new David Attenborough documentaries said one of the quiet parts out loud. He hints at it but someone needs to say real loud (pretend these are in caps) "dinosaurs weren't all cold blooded. you can't power a t-rex with sunlight".

re: oh right it's a holiday weekend 🙉 

@pamela I am cursing us but my neighbors have been remarkably restrained this year. I'm wondering if someone moved.

@ajroach42 @Unabart @aschmitz

Wait. Are you making a robot @djsundog ? is the world ready for that?

@pmosetc I don't know. I'd donate some points if the mods would actually challenge folks like that. but oh no we can't do that.

"It should only take a few brain cells to see that the fan is obviously mounted correctly from the factory. Even further application of minimal intelligence leads anyone with at least a 2 digit IQ to see that maybe things are built the way they are because thats the way they are intended!"

*closes forum window*

oh right. mail order candy comes melted this time of year.

The acoustic version of Nirvana's "About A Girl" is on the restaurant's cheap "oldies" satellite radio feed. Before this was The Ramones. I may never leave the house again.

One of my deep body hatreds is that, if I let my body wake up naturally on its own, I've overslept and will feel miserable all day. But if I guess wrong on wake up time, I've underslept and will feel miserable all day.

@SetecAstronomy Natural poly blend from Prusa is fine. There’s nothing in it by plastics. The CPE I have should always be printed enclosed because the black contains carbon black and the white contains titanium dioxide. Prusament black poly blend contains carbon black as well. They also require pretty high temps.

You can probably do at least PETG on an unenclosed printer, particularly if you slather the bed in Magigoo.

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