@cyberia all of them. particularly if they are 3d printer adjacent

@cypnk what is color but social convention?

I don't know how to communicate to sleeping-me that sleeping on my right side is fucking stupid.

The new Google Apps icons are really terrible, in my opinion.

@cypnk less possibilities out there, not to mention that the physical activity will wear most folks down faster. if I get super bored, I can sleep early but not otherwise. It doesn't help that most of my people are available in my night period. That bit is self-enforcing but whatever.

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I don't have a build post yet but I finally published the models and bill of materials for that environment sensor package I was showing off last month.


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Published writers of the fediverse: for those of you who have written books, how did you do it? What did you do to get the motivation to write every day and get that project finished?

I'm trying to write again, but I have a lot of past failures and tend to lose steam and give up.

I should probably make a sample site for the 3d modelling thing so I can FOSS it without publishing my entire blog.

re: #mood? 

@requiem oy that bent pin :)

@ada Glad to hear it works on mobile. I forgot to test that :)

:flan_hurrah: I can now publish my 3d models with a spiffy viewer (js required) and not rely on goddamn thingiverse.

All of them are listed here sungo.io/models/ and if you're a weirdo, there's a dedicated RSS feed at sungo.io/models.xml

I'd appreciate it if folks could let me know if they experience issues on those pages. (Many thanks to @wohali for helping me remove the awful)

Anyone want to test my new 3d model web page thing? (Think "thingiverse design page" but not shit and self-hosted)

Go's templating system is so damn limited

Out here on the deck, I almost need to invert my screen to see shit. It's very much designed for interior spaces

huh. turns out that urxvt has been core dumping on exit since maybe forever on this box

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