That wasn't too bad. The protopasta managed to generate the biggest plug I've seen in my printers and the unload process managed to pull that plug up into the ptfe tube where it wedged. And it looks like 🤞 I didn't fuck anything up.

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I tire of vendors using "chip shortage" as the excuse for hiking the price on tech adjacent products that don't have any fucking chips in them

I'm going to have to completely disassemble the hotend on my prusa because protopasta always fails in the worst possible way.

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@pamela @kurtm I did not find it to be a good game. Got about half way through maybe.

@kurtm @pamela It's almost certainly a better game than ghosts of tshushima


Again, I am shocked and dismayed that somehow "Star Trek: Lower Decks" is not porn.

@pamela I think I'm going to move backspace. Fix your typos now, evil hacker types! (But for real might move backspace)

Keyboard keymaps are a great demonstration of how differently some minds work from others.

This particular key map has the ability to change between qwerty, dvorak, and colemak at run time with a primary key on each layer.

I.... my brain does not work like that

@nobody and they say english isn't a tonal language

They're rebuilding Dead Space for the PS5? Now I have a deadline for getting a PS5.

Who has the bots or whatever to make that happen?

A bad solder joint on an LED caused the "find out if your friends are undiagnosed epileptics!" strobe I posted yesterday. A bad diode caused a dropped key. Given that it was my first time soldering both, I did ok.

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Right hand side of a Corne v3, filled with Gateron Silent Brown switches

@lmorchard the wires in our division are underground and while it's a bigger pain in the ass to run or repair them, it certainly looks a lot safer.

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Dear mutuals who are on

Please, find a better instance. You wonderful few individuals are the only reason I haven't defedded from M.S due to its apparent lack of moderation.

I probably will be doing that anyway, I just don't know when I'll reach the "one straw too many" point.

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a plea to users 

I strongly urge people who are on to find another instance, because the instance clearly is not being moderated the way it should be. A lot of the fediverse has had enough.

A lot of instances and individuals are blocking it because of a persistent fascist problem, one that other instance admins have to clean up, because they aren't doing their jobs at until someone mentions that "hey y'all aren't moderating anything anymore over there, are you?"

The fascists have figured out is too big to block and poorly moderated, so they're taking advantage of the situation.

It's a matter of time before admins have enough of this. Many already have.

re: rapidly flashing lights 

@kurtm there was someone on a discord the other day who managed to make their encoder (volume knob thing) capacitive. he'd shorted it somehow and it's "click" whenever his finger got near it.

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