@andrhia I must admit to checking my laptop's network connectivity a couple times recently when I reloaded a news site and noooothing changed.

@SetecAstronomy Yeah I just don't really want two or three buck converters in a single project :)

@SetecAstronomy heh. In this case, I'm figuring out a project and throwing out some ideas because the shit's all at different voltages.

With the new enclosure, I'm successfully printing in PC blend with no skirts. Thanks to Magigoo and the lack of drafts, prints are sticking just fine to the plate. Very very nice.

@SetecAstronomy I had the perfect amount of space until I started 3d printing and getting into electronics. As you said, shit's gotten out of control around here a bit :)

@SetecAstronomy we have a spare room that is in the process of becoming a second hackspace. In reality, it's going to be a lot of project storage.

@SetecAstronomy this is also why I have 800 rpi3 that i'm never going to do anything with

:flan_headphones:​ when you want to be with me, then we'll see who's fucking with my head :flan_headphones:

@kemonine yeah. thing is, for my printer case, if I didn't give a shit about close up video or wifi, I could probably replace all my rpi shit with friendlyelec zeropi. but oh no, I have to want stuff that puts me into the space now occupied my rk3339 solid rocket boosters.

Sigh. Restarted the wifi AP. Half the rpis didn't come back online. This happens every time and it's different rpis. :flan_eyeroll:

@randomgeek graphql can be a huge pain in the ass to get going, particularly if your framework doesn't autogenerate a ton of shit. but once it's in place, damn it's nice for users.

oh fuck you ubiquiti. fuck the entire couch you rode in on and the person who sold it to you.

TV shows are hereby banned from any story line that resembles "the whole team gets reassigned to other teams because of POLITICS and works quietly in the background to do their old jobs anyway"

@kemonine oh see. you don't have to worry about any of that. you're either writing your own custom c/c++ code or you're dragging python onto the board 's USB icon from your desktop.

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