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The other day, I found myself pondering printing out a few hundred pages of code so I could tape them to the wall and link them together with red string like some strung out detective trying to Solve The Case after the chief put them on suspension.

(I actually did this with a plotter and red string at TWC once trying to unravel a datacenter network that had gone off the rails. When my boss realized what I was doing, I had to move into their office because they saw the need, had more wall space, and were as obsessed/pissed off as I was. I miss her)

So I'm thinking about how to optimize my work battlestation for the job I'm actually doing. The answer is probably "moar monitors". There are some software concerns about properly managing all this shit but I probably need more screen real estate, particularly given that I can't use 10pt fonts anymore. oooooooolder.

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This is partially an ops problem. I'm a digital plumber, a fixer at best. My entire gig is diving into wat code and systems that no one else will touch.

This is entirely why I get to tell stories like the time AOL reimplemented TCP inside UDP (I already told this story. Yes, the toots were deleted, but almost all of you where following me at the time. Use your rememberings.) But it does mean that I spend a whole lot of time just trying to figure out what the fuck I'm even seeing in my terminal window. 18 tmux windows trying to trace the fucking logic flow of liquid insanity. Browser sessions with so many tabs that it just stops trying to represent them anymore.

And at the end of it, I drop a pull request that adds 20 lines of code, hopefully deletes some too. But it took all fucking day to get there.

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I used to have this theory that I was paid to type code. Think of code, type code into editor, hit save/commit. go home. But I've been paying attention to that of late as I fuck around with keyboards and related matters. I've come to a new theory.

As an ops developer, I spend at least half my day (in sum, not in one stretch, ok maybe that one time) staring at the screen with my head cocked to the side like a confused dog, thinking "what the fuuuuuuuuuck?" There may be typing of code after that, or perhaps typing of messages asking "what the fuck" to people who might know better ("people" also includes frantic web searching). But the point is, on a daily basis, on the best day imaginable, I spend less than half of it typing code.

Allie Brosh’s new book is good, also utterly heartbreaking, but so so good

I like the progress bars on physical books better than the ones on digital books

I like all of @pamela 's emojis but :goose_peek:​ makes me laugh every goddamn time I see it.

yeah, it's just time for me to get on the iphone upgrade program, come november when I can preorder the mini

Damn. The iPhone 12 Mini is tempting as hell

ooo. I hadn't considered kessler syndrome as a possibility for 2020. how exciting

The spam bots are out on thingiverse again. That place is becoming even more of a wasteland

Thanks to @pamela , I now have a craving for :cake_strawberry:​ or :cheesecake:

I want to go game but the whole basement reeks of primer and will for a couple days. sad sungo

The Peter Watts / Blindsight fans amongst us need to drop everything and watch this right now.

The rest of you should too tbh but it'll delight more the folks who have read the book

Every day that this home reno project progresses, the contractor goes from amazing to a big enough problem that we probably won't use them again.

The quefrency lacks a latch or magnet system to snap the two halves together to form a regular 65%. I'm sure I could engineer something but to do all that soldering and then still maybe not end up with something I like... bleh. I think the tofu65 may be my endgame.

the lily58's not going to work out. I'm glad I bought it though as it was a relatively inexpensive way to try out this kind of split. I can reuse the switches and caps on another board so it's all good.

As I start to work through the keymap and code for the lily, I have a strong suspicion that I'll end up on a more traditional 65% split keyboard like the quefrency

Temporary keycaps so I can play with keymaps while waiting for more appropriate ones to arrive

Now for the hardest part, figuring out which keycaps to use

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