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"Tips for beating this hard boss:

Dodge their attacks. That's all there is to it."

Thanks, asshole.

I spend so much time in graphql land these days that when I look at APIs, my very first thought is "what do you mean I can't totally customize my return payload? What neanderthal universe is this?"

Guess if I want a good-to-sungo mastodon cli app, I'm going to have to write it myself.

I took next week off. Very much looking forward to it.

Hey sort of folks. Do y'all have a mastodon client that fits your general aesthetic and design philosophy?

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Dammit. New pick set came with three test locks. First two I popped immediately. Third one's giving me problems. Used to be good at this

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tests fail in the morning
programmers take warning

tests fail at night
fucking timezones

Apple MagSafe Charging Pad with Watch


Body is in ProtoPasta "Joel's High Five" Blue HTPLA with retainers in Protopasta Basic White.

:flan_headphones:​ this court of common pleas is now in session

the best lock pick training kits attach the keys to the lock and prevent you from getting them until you pick it.

Watching Criminal Minds again and what's bugging me is that they appear to have three cameras. One camera is totally normal. One has a piece of thread or a hair in the upper right of the lens. The third has a piece of thread or a hair stuck in the bottom left. It's just one of those things I can't unsee, like when I first noticed that some shows buy the exact same laugh tracks.


I'm so glad the anime style game on steam "Invisible Cock: They Never Saw It Cumming" supports linux :flan_eyeroll:

It'll be a while before I do but I'm pondering a new desk setup. I'm strongly considering getting some drawers and building a desktop PC into one of the drawers.

@tootapp I'm getting nothing but blankness in the spiffy emojo pane. Mast is able to retrieve the local custom emojos so I figure it should work in as well. Any thoughts or stuff I can try?

after a few hours with the iphone 12 mini, I can relate that it is the perfect size for me and my pockets. It's also noticeably more responsive than my iphone xs

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