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There's a CVS right near the Capital. I'd put a small amount of money down that they're totally out of 5-Hour Energy drinks


The Senate has adjourned, "expecting no further objections".

Go to sleep everyone; it's over.

There will be a bunch of bullshit in the House. There will be more paperwork. But if there are "no further objections", we're all done.

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It's 100% valid to want cw'ed political posts

This is a stupid simple design but what makes me happy about it is that I went from idea to finished design in a couple hours. That's been pretty rare for me but it's happening more. Understanding the hardware and software is all well and good but being able to design my own shit quickly-ish is where I want to be.

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Ahaha the design works really well and is going to save me some money. Will have photos and models when I've completed the final prints and install

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Tonight, I am printing the pinnacle of my design prowess: a really long stick


it'll be a miracle if I don't have a stroke by the end of this week

after a week+ off, the bounce in the edges of this wide monitor are really fucking obvious and annoying.

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it has now apparently totally disappeared but the nytimes had an article above the fold on the website most of the day about how, sure maybe china is kinda evil, but if they managed to mostly beat covid, how bad can they be, really? It was entirely about our need to re-examine if freedom is really important in the face of a disaster like covid.

now, I pretty strongly feel that america's psychosis about individualism needs to be reigned in hard but to jump to "yay ra oppressive police state!" was ... wow. I'm only sorry the article disappeared before I remembered to tell you about it.

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Ever notice that shows about US federal employees always become anti-terrorism or special force units eventually? The show could be "Criminal Minds: Janitorial Staff" or "NCIS: File Clerks" and if the show is on the air long enough, they will eventually be fighting al qaeda or isis and sending members to iraq.

3d printed case for my Wowstick screwdriver and bits

Left side is in Proto-pasta Tangerine Orange Metallic Gold PLA and the right side is in Proto-pasta Cloverleaf Metallic Green

Model is at

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The power outage lasted long enough for the UPS on my work shit to drop which caused the loss of all the notes and shit I had up to remind myself what needs doing.

:ablobcatbongo:​ prusaslicer 2.3 coming soon with monotonic infill (and many other things but I'm super looking forward to having less shitty top layers with highly directional filament)

oh right. old spools of protopasta really can't handle being in a low flow situation. They slowly bake in the nozzle until they clog. The whole "high temp PLA" thing is a good idea on paper but such a pain in the ass in practice.

on mornings when I've slept very little I have doubts about my warm-blooded status

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