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There was a point a couple years ago where Amazon decided that, since you pay for "Prime" as a suite of services rather than just for free two-day shipping, they don't owe you a goddamn thing for delivery times.

and of course _this_ data where the value can be the integer 0 or the string "0"

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there's a special level of hell based around a scenario where a perl programmer generates json data from a hash and you're expected to parse it cleanly in a strongly typed language.

"Wait, field 'foo' can be an integer, string, or an entire structure? All in the same payload? :flan_on_fire:​"

It is now my duty to completely drain you

I need a storage solution for all these microcontrollers and tiny breakouts I keep buying.

There are no fingerprints deep underwater
Nothing to tie one to a crime

I need consumer drones to become a lot smaller so that shit like nylon m2 screws are more readily available.

So, here's v2 of the environment sensor shit I've been working on for months. The display software isn't done.

I managed to trash the first e-ink display (the blank one in the photos) by being too rough with it. And, showing off manufacturing variability, the backup display is just slightly off center so it doesn't line up right with the window. So that's a bit sad. I'm pretty happy I only messed up a single heat set insert and didn't trash the print.

Everything is working well so far and the unit is now sitting and burning the sensor in.

Figuring out this eink ui for the wall sensor thing reminds me in the worst way why I dislike GUI shit.

That thing where ordering from aliexpress is basically giving myself a new project in a couple months

Well, I think I have all the soldering work done for the first "production" unit of this wall-mount environmental sensor thing I've been iterating on for months. Still working on the actual display graphics but, unless I fucked something up, the hardware is figured out.

There are definitely some lessons learned to be applied to the next one. I also think I might be able to make it a few mm thinner.

Definitely stretching my soldering / wiring skills with this project

Eventually I need to figure out a good way to secure raw e-ink displays. That would have cut a lot of space out of the build.

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Two, maybe three, more mockups to go and I'll have the main body of my wall mount environmental sensors complete. I'd rather they have come thinner but the cables won't really allow it.

ok. now that platformio and I bonding, it's time to converge all the different implementations of environmental sensor shit into one repo.

At what point does a 3d model "remix" become something new?

I really hate printing in white but nothing's better for drawing on mockups.

There's also some synchronicity because I was listening to it a lot when I first really got into microcomputing. And here I am hacking on microcontrollers when it comes up in rotation.

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