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Christ I'm fucking exhausted tonight

I'm not sure that Office Space needed a 4k re-release

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today's playlist: problematic music that would probably cause me drama here

Whenever a vendor pitches ML, they mean "marxist-leninist". That will make you feel better about being forced to buy their shit.

New Desk v0.5 - I have the inverse deskpad coming and I think it'll look better.

Person meant to say "I'd give it three stars". Instead, for some reason, they actually entered "I'd give it three sharts" which radically changes the review for a desk chair

Is it good form, as a sea captain, to heckle the Ever Given as it sails past?

Now that the stern of the Ever-Given is afloat, this is your first warning to prepare a new meme. This is not a drill.

Looking for "[ ] Fuck off podcasts" setting in spotify

One thing I forgot to say about microclover is that you cannot use broadleaf herbicide on your lawn. Broadleaf kills clover.

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