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USA PSA: mother's day & father's day 

it's the time of year folks

please remember to CW your toots about [insert gendered parent day here]

"One simple thing Crawford suggests is learning how to do stuff. Learning a craft [...] immediately puts us within particular limits and at the feet of those who have already mastered it. It requires humility, but, at the same time, builds genuine competence. It can help remediate narcissism by rebalancing our relationship to ourselves. In the process of submitting to discipline and focusing our attention on a craft, we find ourselves neither omnipotent nor helpless, but somewhere in between. We’re dependent beings with feeble bodies and minds, prone to flailing about and to failure, but also each with unique sets of resources and abilities that can be cultivated with surprising rapidity under the right conditions, and that can help us to regularly overcome quite serious obstacles. We are, in a word, crafty."

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"the groundlessness of human action doesn’t imply that human beings are or should be completely autonomous. We’re born into a particular place and time, with particular psychological and physical attributions, and with particular people and traditions available to us that we can draw on or reject. These constraints are debilitating only if we see them as such, if we consider them as fetters from which the self should ideally be free. In reality, many rules and constraints are enabling: they are the conditions of freedom, not the barriers to it. They are the friction that allow us to move forward."

_Authenticity is a Scam_ by Alexander Stern, writing for Aeon

Got the desk in standing mode for the first time in weeks. This is kinda weird but also holy shit I've missed this.

and to be fair, I _really_ enjoyed Peter Watts' novelization that he wrote as part of consultation on the game. They then ignored most of his great ideas to make the actual plot of the game but the book still exists. Yes, Watts fan-person here.

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Oh right. The only game I really enjoyed in the Crysis trilogy was Crysis 2, which they'll never remake/remaster

And, actually, the last reason I have rpis _at all_

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you know. if I replaced the cameras on my 3d printers with esp32 cam boards, I'd remove the last reason I was using rpis to control my printers.

oh leave it to a mac forum to have long rants about how source code repos shouldn't require case sensitivity.

Burn It All Down

I am now in the basement in my favorite couch with all my gaming and tv and toys for the first in nearly a month. I can mostly do stairs again after the sprained ankle.

Welp. Fuck Humble Bundle, apparently.

"After deciding on how much you want to spend on a bundle, you can choose to donate either five or 15 percent of your purchase to charity. Either way, most of your money will go to publishers, and the company is capping your charitable contribution to 15 percent. "

The arrival of Ratchet & Clank on PS5 makes me grumpy I don't have one yet

Weird. On macOS, the responses from "type to siri" do not use the voice selected in the preferences pane.

oh I am reminded. A while back one of you asked if the microclover I was on about could grow in places like new mexico and arizona. outsidepride dot com has example plots of them growing their microclover in new mexico's regular climate and it looks really good.

To put outsidepride into perspective. I'm paying about the same for five pounds of clover seeds as I was paying for five pounds of grass seed + 3% microclover from my usual vendor.

The yard and the guerrilla projects are mostly established, grass wise, so we're switching to using mostly clover seeds. Also, I'm tired of waiting.

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I have ordered 5lbs of microclover seeds from Outsidepride. We put 2lbs of their seed in the easement a month and its working well. their seeds come coated in goodness to help the clover establish faster.

To be fair, at least a pound of these seeds is going to various guerrilla seeding projects.

the ios 14.5 feature of "if I'm wearing a mask, unlock my phone if my watch is unlocked" is fucking brilliant

another night with the smbios spec and absinthe. (the hard copy of the smbios spec comes with a free bottle of absinthe. it's the law)

Nice brain chemical hit. Someone actually found my printer roundup blog posts helpful and emailed for some thoughts. Always nice to find that shitting my thoughts into void is at least occasionally helpful to folks doing searches.

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