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Doing yard work in sunny 90F / 60% humidity weather is kinda fucking exhausting, yo. Even hours later I'm very :flan_sleep:

@kemonine this is partially the same class as "why the fuck did that person build 45 keyboards?"

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@kemonine re your post, a _lot_ of the reason that folks build those cyberdecks they way they do is because "cyberdeck" is a specific design idea based largely on decks described in Neuromancer and Snow Crash. The concept isn't designed to be a general utility like you built. They're more art pieces than something folks are going carry to a coffee shop or something. And the challenge of figuring out how to smash all that modern-ish hardware into the form factor of an Ono-Sendai deck is part of the fun.

Now I need a 4k remaster of the Dead Space games.

Also learned tonight that the battery in these smoke detectors from the security company are not-user-servicable. There's a breakoff tab thing for breaking the unit forever and one is supposed to use that if the unit is chirping for low battery.

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Further, if the alarm system thinks someone has tampered with the fire alarms (for instance if I've taken one off the ceiling and am holding it in my hand), it will not arm. It will beep a _lot_ and flash PROTEST PROTEST on the display.

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It ain't a party until the security system freaks the fuck out and sends everyone screaming from the house.

Apparently we were having a party and didn't know. Also, our security company is pretty decent.

There are webcomics in my life that have really funny nonoffensive things to say and I'd like to share them with you. Problem is that almost every other entry is offensive and awful to _someone_ and you'd cancel me for sending you to the site. Oh well.

I wish ticgit had remained a thing. Carrying "tickets" around in the repo itself was so great.

some of you folks use sourcehut too. I'm trying to figure out how to run a job when a tag is pushed and attach the resultant artifacts to the tag. Any thoughts?

Things I can't unthink: when wearing headphones with stereo music, if I listen carefully, my ears process the audio such that it sounds like the vocals are coming from inside my skull.

might need to physically enter a grocery store to get Big Gay Ice Cream. Doc wants me to lose weight but it's big, gay, and ice cream.

After a month in limbo, my pinecil purchase is finally in the states and headed my direction

I forgot how deeply silly the shore leave DLC is in Mass Effect 3. It's so great

I do really enjoy that Zero 9:36 rerecorded the vocals for the acoustic album rather than just slapping new backing tracks on the original vocal tracks

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reminder that the A in LGBTQIA+ never has, doesn't, and never will stand for ally
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Everything is NOT Normal (Asshole) 

Remember folks, just because *YOU* can't handle a year of 'isolation' away from others doesn't mean the rest of humanity feels that way.

A *LOT* of people are high functioning with an anxiety diagnosis and a year away from humanity was likely an amazing year for their symptoms and management needs.

Getting back to 'normal' for such folks will take time, a TON of effort and more than a few fist fulls of Xanax to keep the doom spirals at bay.

Keep this in mind before you start applying pressure and giving people shit about not being super available for 'socialization'. There are many forms and in-person is NOT the best form for a lot of humans roaming the planet.

Also remember how many jackasses in so many places are NOT vaccinated or full of the necessary antibodies to keep the COVID infection at bay. This fact makes an anxious mind even worse when it comes to re-normalization of being around humanity.

Finally got to use the new battery powered hedge trimmer today and it's fucking great. Our hedges and bushes are all up to Suburbia specs.

Wow. VW fucked up the Golf enough that, for the first time in 15yrs, I don't want one.

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