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tfw I suddenly realize that the product I'm hunting for is actually some shit from a video game and has never existed in meat space

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@SetecAstronomy thanks for the soldering station recommendation. I'm liking the 862BD+ a great deal

The "quiet slang" / acoustic versions of Beach Slang's work is some of their best shit. I love their regular work but this these tracks and covers were inspired.

mh (not mine), sui mention 

well fuck me running. I went looking for an update for what's going on with Beach Slang which is a great band, particularly if you're a Replacements / Westerberg fan.

Apparently, the lead singer (and founder) had some sort of massive mental break, tried to kill himself, he's in a mental institution now, and the band broke up.

So I guess that's it then.

By request, this is what the MT3 keycaps look like in profile on the iris (flat keys on left side are rama and pmk flat low profiles).

Check that scoop! Love it. makes such cool shit. I'm not often willing to shell out the kind of money they command but they are right up my aesthetic.

At my partner's behest, we swapped the four bottom row caps with F10 flats that match the height of the rama space bars and holy shit that's nice

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(Loaded up the keebio Iris Split Keyboard with mixed MT3 keycaps and flat space bars)

the new pkg dot go dot dev is fucking awful and I hate it. Why is it all javascript madness? I"m sitting here with a module with lots of really good docs and it takes literal seconds to do anything.

Tidbit num/macropad with Gateron Silent Browns and F10 flat caps. Mostly stoked that I got the underglow LEDs right

my soldering iron crashed.

I hate this future and am glad the pinecil's replacement arrives tomorrow

Tonight in the hackspace: hard cider and Pink Floyd

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And this, kids, is why blocking alt-right-tolerating instances and moderating alt-right bullshit on sight is necessary:

tl;dr the playbook is:
1. create an account reposting popular conservative content
2. every once in a while drop-in a far-right meme, take it down after backlash (this measures the temperature)
3. once the follower numbers and temperature are right, go all-in on far-right stuff (and get banned, but also redpill a bunch of normies)
4. rinse, repeat.

I remain a bit sad that trying to learn to play the guitar really set off my fucked up shoulders.

I am reminded that I really dislike my remaining pair of stompy boots. I have a pair of "fuck it snowed 8 inches and I have to get out the snowblower" boots that I like but they're not really practical for regular stomping around.

the scheduled "night shift" blue color filter on my laptop is a great reminder for "why are you still doing day job shit at 10pm"

why do I not have a wat emoji on this instance? this is awful. 0 of 5 stars. would not join again

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