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Choose buying undocumented hardware to figure out everything by yourself.
Choose submitting the same patch the 9th time for review by the maintainer with one more newline, tab or space to comply with the project coding style.
Choose rumbling, ranting, flaming, and bikeshielding in blogs, social media, mailing lists, Reddit and Hacker News comments.
Choose wondering what the fuck you are doing, alone on a Sunday night git bisecting in the desperate hope that the next commit will pinpoint the bug you've spent 5 weeks trying to diagnose.

Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pishing you last in a miserable ~/
Nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked-up companies that are replacing your computer with a blackbox.

Choose your future.
Choose Free and Open Source.


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Choose no life.
Choose Free and Open Source.
Choose no career.
Choose no family.

Choose a distro.
Choose a $EDITOR,
Choose a desktop.
Choose man page, ArchWiki,
Tim O'Reilly and a full bookshelf.

Choose a 10-year fucking old computer.
Choose multiple monitors, mechanical keyboards, outdated graphics and network without nonfree blobs.
Choose learn programming, a language, and your programming socks.
Choose no sleep, junk food, and bad health.

Choose a private key.
Choose deleting proprietary apps and losing all your friends.
Choose self-hosting, a monthly server payment, and waiting a compile for half a day straight.
Choose a EEPROM writer and a soldering station to liberate your system BIOS.


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Six easy and simple rules for good web design 

-NO popups
-NO banners
-NO bars that scroll with you
-NO panels that appear or disappear depending on which direction you're scrolling
-NO misleading cookie consent dialogs
-NO tracking

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qmk is really getting up in my shit today

My only real problem with Doom Patrol (the HBO show) is Cliff. he starts off as a paragon of toxic masculinity, begins a redemption arc, and then jumps off that fucking train and just becomes insufferable in season 2.

All the Danny The Street episodes of Doom Patrol are amazing. but the first one? Matt Bomer in a drag bar in a musical dance number? Whoo boy.

I do now understand why some people swear by three-row keyboards. Yes, I have to fuck around with layers, but my fingers don't have to stretch to find anything at all. the reviung's thumb row is really working for me too.

And here's the thing with layers. You get this amazing opportunity to move all the things. Not adopt colemak or dvorak or some other official system. Fuck all that noise and assign shit where it makes the most sense to you. Yes, those systems have been studied and planned and whatever but those people aren't you. I'm moving keys around to match my usage and optimize for the shit I type every day.

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in quote mode on monkeytype, I am at the same speed on the reviung that I was with the lily and iris. a bit more accurate. the big block at this point seems to be getting more comfortable with both column stagger and which finger hits the c key.

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Informal poll for experienced #GNULinux people who have pinephones. Feel free to boost to increase the sample size.

I am using or expect to use my #pinephone as my #DailyDriver mobile phone:

They did however get the shorter version of "Down With The Sickeness" without the abuse rant part.

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it's really funny to me to hear censored versions of Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" or Disturbed's "Down With The Sickness" here in 2021 when I heard the originals uncensored on the public airwaves for a long time when they first came out. Somehow FM radio in my area missed the f-bombs and didn't get censored versions.


mmm hot chocolate + captain morgan rum :ms_hot_drink:

TIL that, with qmk, if you have a file named `keymap.json` it will ignore `keymap.c` with nary a log line. I only wasted several hours of time thanks to that.

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A relatively insignificant package of mine tried to ship from New Jersey last week. As you might expect it's been ... delayed.

first runs with monkeytype on the reviung. just basic words, 45wpm with c/v continuing to be a problem for me on column stagger.

This is the Reviung39 keyboard I posted last night. It is now populated with Hako Violet switches and matt3o /dev/tty MT3 keycaps, with two straggler black-on-white MT3 caps in the upper corners. A white Ramaworks 2U flat cap sits on the spacebar with two white 1U F10 flats from PMK on either side.

:ablobcatbongo:​ In a little over two weeks, the new flooring will be installed in the spare room, which will then become my work office and home to static equipment. Beyond better separation of work and home, it'll give me half the hackspace back to do .. well, hackspace things.

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