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This article has been corrected. The defendant’s name is not “[WHO CARES]” as was previously reported. We regret the error.

so.. that movie trilogy they did of Atlas Shrugged a little while back. I didn't watch it because bleh but apparently they didn't contract the actors for all three films so every film has different casting. That's some seriously fucked up planning.

The sad thing is that Fountainhead was actually my introduction to architecture and fueled my love of modernist, properly well done brutalist architecture. Out of all the horrors of that time of my life and awful awful *foams at mouth* awfulness of rand, I do have to thank her for that.

The farm from which our local zebras escaped is still holding 34 zebras prisoner. Anyone up for a little adventure?

New laptop from work. Thinkpad. I forgot how awful and spongy that keyboard is. Luckily, it's getting slotted into a dock setup and I won't use that keyboard again. I do miss the trackpoint but the rest of that keyboard is garbage.

write caching on usb sticks is really stupid

"It is simply not possible to divine whether a conscious agency or some clever simulation inhabits the room" - the summary of my memoirs

One of the things I do miss about my past life in philosophy/theology is this statement: "a position that is actually held by many thinkers, and hence one worth refuting."

Oh, a lot of people think that? Fucking A let's tear it apart.

netflix has a tv rating subcategory called "substances". I have no idea what they mean. I could make up something plausible of course.

I'm going to be laughing about that toilet thing for days

A Great Eagle at the pittsburgh National Aviary was mysterious set loose and is now on the run. I hope he makes it down here to hang out with the zebra.

this categorization has helped me significantly over the years to get work prioritized that might never be otherwise. "Tech debt" reads as optional when often it's foundational. If it can be explained how that work will move the product forward, it will be seen as valuable.

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Technical debt is a myth created to deprioritize work that may be boring or awful. There are only two kinds of work: that which moves the product / code forward, and shit that doesn't need doing.

Maybe that ex-rockstar shit all over the codebase and it's awful in there. Changing all that, does it make it easier to work on, allow you to add new features later or unbreak existing ones? If it does, great, get it on the schedule. If not, then it doesn't need doing and we can move on with life.

“lime sized hail” NWS, get a list of fruit that people can size up instantly.

I have to go back to twitter don't I, to stay up on anything gaming. Looks like I'm going to miss the new Switch for a while too.

they're rebooting B5 with JMS on board. This is not something I needed.

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