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I wonder if Horizon Forbidden West will have robot frogs

Amazon has officially coped to setting our minimum delivery date as monday or later due to incoming weather. so this package they lost that's been in process for a week? another week at least.

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remember when scar promised the hyenas social mobility in order to use them for his own power, and when they realized he lied, they literally ate him? just somethin to think about

how has this become about a gorn wedding?

Reading announcements of ransomware attacks makes me miss dat tape backups.

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The CDC says you can now dereference pointers as long as they don't *look* null

'Size: 5/16" thread; 300mm Length.' ⁉️​

Next steps from here are to get some led strips in place to light the bed and a camera. I've got all the parts and just need to do some modelling to attach them.

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For some history, since it's been over a year now. I had difficulty getting this printer originally to even complete a print. Even once I replaced the control board last year, it really struggled to do its job. Since then, I replaced the entire hotend and effector setup, the arms, half the carriage assembly, and replaced the add-on glass bed with a magnetic flex plate system. And now it's completing prints and seems to be doing a decent job of it too.

There are still some oddities. Those weird striations on the bigger benchy are not a camera artifact. There's a strange ringing effect that I suspect is caused by a belt or carriage issue. But near as I can tell, it's just cosmetic and replacing the belts and/or carriages is a huge undertaking that I'm not willing to do unless there's a real failure.

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First picture contains the first awful benchy off the gremlin and the one where I said "good enough" for that size. Second photo is where I scaled up the model to be in the size range for the prints I expect to do on this printer. I'm pretty happy with the results.

I'm learning how to print with a .6mm nozzle. My other printers all have .4mm nozzles.

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First real print on the gremlin. It's awful but that was to be expected

ngl i kinda forgot it was winter. It's been in the mid 50s for a long time out here.

Celebrating having gotten a good first layer on the gremlin. Tomorrow we'll try something more complicated.

so... HZD on the PS5. looks like they upped the frame rate to 60fps, locked in the high graphics mode, added 3d audio support (which is likely just a conversion on the dolby it supported before). there's no ray tracing given the age of the game but the PS5 is definitely improving the lighting and shadows.

there's also shit that maybe I just didn't notice before in my billion hours playing this game like properly flocking birds in the sky. probable they were there before but are more evident now with the improvements.

this is all without an upgrade dlc too, and sitting on an external drive.

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The downside of MIT/BSD licenses is they don't produce entertaining drama

near as I can tell from calibration, the original heat spreader on the gremlin is defective and is physically incapable of heating an outer ring for the bed. Of course, it's nearly impossible to replace that component. On the upside, the ring is the very far outside which is difficult to print on anyway.

The only new version of the web I support is one where animated “under construction” gifs are a core part of the protocol.

what shall we do for 2022-22-02, iso8601 palindrome day?

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