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There is still time to buy the thing!
You can even still have a leather orcibus!

(This is a PSA so that @mwlucas doesn't have to shill it too much. We don't want him to overstrain, there are still books that need writing!)

thing is, right, they're diverting flights from both national and bwi to dulles. that's a long ass haul for whatever family or uber or whatever you arranged to get home from there. National's not _awful_ at least there's metro from dulles to National now. But BWI? oof that's a fucking hour or more car drive.

on a related noted, that storm is currently beating the shit out of my house. it's no joke.

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yeah flightaware shows they got diverted. My bet is that national closed down the runways for that storm coming in while that plane was in the pattern. they had just enough time to get out.

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this one's weird. it looks like they got almost on the tarmac at National before heading back up and flying over to Dulles.

the "whoa fuck I am _not_ landing in a thunderstorm what's wrong with you" National Airport landing loop

the thing I appreciate about Amazon's "we're turning off our cloud storage thing :ms_middle_finger_hmn_h5:​" email is that their reason was basically "we don't want to do this anymore". No business case, no excuse. "this is fucking boring and we're tired of doing this so we're turning it off"

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The new Stabbing Westward "Chasing Ghosts" album is ... well it's a Stabbing Westward album. If you liked "Darkest Days", you'll probably dig this album. It's less pop than 2001's "Stabbing Westward"

Alternate communication methods (specifically Telegram and Signal) are available for mutuals if need be. DM for details. (They may not be perfectly secure but they're a damn sight more secure than fedi.)


The ish, incidentally, is the run up to the big-ish, a corne variant with an extra row. Same concept as the lily58 pro and the sofle v1. Except it won't be abandoned with busted kicad, like the lily58 pro, or ... oh god don't get me started on the sofle v1.

The ish doesn't require me to do any firmware work because it's completely compatible with the regular corne. The big-ish will require some light firmware work and will be zmk only.

re: build summary of v0.0.1 of the ish keyboard 

I also have notes for a build using osh park's "after dark" finishing. That'll end up as mostly visible copper up top and on the switch plates. Bottom will be black with visible copper traces. I think it'll look really nice but I'm not blowing hundreds of dollars on a build until I'm willing to call this v1.0 done.

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build summary of v0.0.1 of the ish keyboard 

It is really nice that this board ended up with only minor notes, relatively speaking.

yeah the battery hookups didn't work out but that was always the big question mark. And even for their problems, the wires are still well protected as are the batteries so it's fine. It won't be in the next rev but I'm not really worried about it as a daily driver.

The power switches worked really well which I'm thrilled about. Surfing parts on digikey and hoping their kicad footprints work is kind of annoying. And yes, power on and power off are the same spots on the two halves. On is up, off is down.

I've also confirmed that the build works with both corne v3 and v2 plates. The v2 is better because it's designed for chocs and I'll be basing my plates off the v2 platform.

I'm going to increase the size of the silkscreen under the diodes, move to SMD pads for the battery hookup, move the diodes a bit further away from the switches.

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And here it is. v0.0.1 of the ish keyboard, all built and ready to go. Choc Silver switches, WRK Louder blank caps, and nice!nano controllers.

"I suffered through it, so now you have to read about it" - The Verge

Also a great tagline for this account.

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