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The Revo hotend and 0.6mm nozzle are working really well on the Prusa MK3S. The other MK3S n the shop will definitely be getting one once the the Obxidian nozzles come out. At least one of my MK3S need the ability to handle abrasives and the Revo only has brass nozzles right now.

Tonight's project was a 0xC macropad from @s_ol

Image CW for flashing LEDs

tired of "raspberry pi in a pelican case" "cyberdecks"

given the background traffic after I kicked over the instance, I'm gonna go with "a bit of both"

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playing the game of "quiet fedi" or "instance problems"

One of my biggest frustrations with where I live now is that there are no back roads, not really. There are heavily traveled roads and there are roads to mcmansion enclaves. That's pretty much it. I miss living in places where there are back roads that sometimes go to interesting forgotten places. There are no forgotten places in eastern Maryland. There are precious few places that aren't paved or scheduled for paving. I miss so much being able to travel a few miles in any direction and find a road that's traveled by like one family and you.

Good news. My eyes can mostly focus again and I can hold my head up. Combine double vaccines yesterday with my generally super high stress levels and damn that hurt. Not 100% yet but we're mostly just back to regular headache territory.

I miss the days when feuding rappers would just shoot each other, instead of spending track after track making fun of each other's shoes or whatever.

I'm sorry. I was led to believe that humans dislike being on fire.


As per your request, you are on fire.

was gonna build a keyboard tonight. maybe do some 3d printer nozzle swaps. but my eyes won't focus properly thanks to this migraine so maybe I won't.

the headache turned out to be a light sensitive migraine brewing. it made itself known after we got to our destination with guaranteed night driving required. so, ow.

"I sometimes fear that others are intimidated by my superior intellect. I content myself with the fact that I simply do not care"

Patricia Tannis is my soul mate.

re: ph, being hypermobile, ow, maybe squicky 

srsly y'all. this knee feels better than it has in a week, after I rotated badly on it.

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Started Death Stranding. This is a game, right? Not a movie? I've been sitting here watching video for like a damn half hour now after 10m of minimal game play. I'm all about game lore but jesus.

ph, being hypermobile, ow, maybe squicky 

stood up. knee would barely take weight. I'm up on the second floor and needed to go down a floor and thought "well, fuck. better take some shit in case I can't get back up the stairs."

took the stairs one at a time real slow. on the third stair, as I bent it, the knee popped really loudly. never hurts, just makes me flinch every time.

now, it's all better. gas bubble expelled. knee is back to regular working condition.

damn. the at&t portion of this cell phone transition appears to be on its bullshit tonight.

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It's official- the studio I work for is shuttering in a month.

If you need or know someone who needs either:

- A Unity/C# Generalist

- A programmer with a background in music / audio technology

- An Art Hacker with gallery / museum experience

for paid work, I would deeply appreciate the connection

Boosts much appreciated.

I miss being near the beginning of the UPS driver's route. We're now near the end so fun packages like a new phone don't get here until really late.

I thus far have survived getting another COVID booster and my flu shot

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