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a teensy bit of soldering and then the project is officially onto the "design the physical box" stage.

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yessss.... we have liftoff on the trackball buttons

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Seems there's a misconception of .art doing the rounds, so let me clear that up!

We're an art instance, but we *do not* expect or enforce our users to only post their artwork here - it's actually very much the opposite!

The Fediverse is a community, and .art is a community. We like knowing each other on that communal level. We like seeing what artists do when they're not creating art; snippets from each other's daily lives, pet photos, side projects. We're here to find new friends.

How is "chassis" pronounced?

to be clear, if you develop an internet-facing web app that has a ‘/bash’ endpoint that drops you into a bash shell on the appliance, you’re fired.

:flan_eyes_narrowed:​ f5

I would pay a great deal of money to, on demand, toggle or completely override mu auditory nerve. To hear nothing at all or _only_ what I choose in those moments. Normal operation otherwise

I need to figure out the physicality of the unit of course. And plan for buttons. But the code for this is trivial (thanks to some libraries) and should run on damn near any arduino board.

One of my goals from months back was to shrink the build and whoo boy I've done that.

Doing this in arduino and not qmk opens up a lot of hardware possibilities. But it does mean I lose all the fun possibilities of QMK like easily having a button send "DUDE WTF" instead of a button press.I will get over that, I'm sure.

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Witness a fully operational trackball sensor using an Adafruit QT PY and Arduino code. Keycap for scale.

I will never forgive 343 for removing the femme option from Halo: Reach.

siiiigh blink lost my hosts list again

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I may have a better hardware combination for the trackball. Of course, it involves me finally learning python....

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do the "Dinosaur" Haribo gummies taste like dinosaurs?

I got a couple in the mail today but I've just about built all the easily accessible "weird" keyboards I can find. others exist for which I can order PCBs but that's work and then I end up with at least five of them.

such a great sticker from littlekeyboards dot com

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